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Chris Cross America

From D.C. to the Oregon coast, a journey mostly along the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail

By Chris George
1,167 miles (1,878 km) over 28 days since Apr. 23, 2022

Introduction and Preparation

A ride nine years in the making heart 27
The complete packing list: What I'm carrying, what I'm not, and what I already sent home heart 1

Stage 1: D.C. to St. Louis

'When are you leaving?? Its not today is it?' heart 17
Day 2: Is it supposed to be this hot already? heart 19
Day 3: Days like today are the reason bike touring is a thing heart 13
Day 4: Caught in a storm before getting out of the mountains heart 12
Day 5: A stiff wind, the new reason I'm carrying a U.S. flag, and a crossing into an alternate traveling universe heart 3
Day 6: What I'm eating heart 16
Day 7: Bracing for a long night heart 6
Day 8: Stepping further into the hiker ecosystem heart 10
Day 9 (first 'zero day'): Audio story: What do you think about when riding all day? And taking stock of the first week. heart 2
Day 10: Camping at a town's pool and ballpark heart 4
Day 11: Hello, Kentucky! Also, not bad for camping behind a pizza joint! heart 14
Day 12: Feeling like a beast heart 10
Day 13: When dogs attack heart 8
Day 14: It's all raining cats and dogs until someone loses his ego heart 9
Day 15: Being thoroughly soaked all day takes me on an emotional roller coaster heart 3
Day 16 (my second zero day): A beautiful day for a walk heart 4
Day 17, to Harrodsburg: Such a gorgeous day to ride, but is my body rejecting this lifestyle? heart 7
Day 18, to Springfield: Enter the land of Lincoln heart 6
Day 19, to Hodgenville: Rolling hills, good weather, ice cream, some history, free camping, a shower — just add Dani and I've found nirvana heart 7
Day 20, to Mammoth Cave NP: Hello, Central Time! heart 3
Day 21 (third zero day), at Mammoth Cave National Park: A totally tubular tour. Because the National Park Service does not mess around. heart 8
Day 22, to White Mills: Back in the saddle — and back in Eastern Time? heart 7
Day 23, to Falls of Rough: An easy day, with a challenge ahead heart 6
Day 24, to Sebree: Crossing the 1,000-mile mark on a gorgeous day heart 5
Day 25, to Cave-in-Rock, ILLINOIS: My skin needs a break from the sun. Oh, great, thunderstorms tomorrow! heart 3
Counting my blessings (literally) and appreciating the kind people around me: Catching up on Monday and Tuesday, Days 24 and 25 heart 5
Day 26, to Golconda: 'Potential for severe thunderstorms today. Have a plan and be prepared.' heart 4
Day 27, to Goreville: The soundtrack of my mind+ heart 2
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Updated within 7 days