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May 8, 2022

Day 16 (my second zero day): A beautiful day for a walk

Graduates and their friends and families mingle and stroll between the trees on the campus of Berea College this evening after the graduation ceremony.
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Day 16 stats

Start (and end): Berea, Ky.

The Daily Progress: 0

Lodging expenses: $0 (thank you, Emily, my Warmshowers host last night and tonight!)

Food expenses: $62

$8.73 breakfast at Happy Jack's

$32.30 at Walmart

$20.89 at Rio Grande

Day 16 highlights

As with my first zero day, I had a few objectives today. At the top of the list was buying Halt dog spray and some way to try to keep my feet dry. With the nearest real bike shop a solid 11 miles away, I decided to settle for Walmart, which was less than two miles away. It made for a nice walk, but it yielded neither dog spray nor shoe covers or gaiters. 

I decided that was not a crisis; I have ideas to try for each problem. For the dogs, I have yet to employ the tactic of squirting then with water if they get too close. I couldn't try that yesterday because I had drunk all the liquid out of the only bottle I have that is capable of squirting. But I could easily leave that bottle more full and drink from the other bottles I'm carrying. So, look out, dogs. Get too close and I will dismount, try to keep my bike between us and, if all else fails, squirt you with water. I wish I had remembered to look for dog treats since those were surely at Walmart. If deterrence isn't an option, then maybe distraction? (Thanks for the idea, Chad!)

As for the problem of wet feet, if I can't find proper shoe covers at a bike shop before the next time it rains, I will just rig some plastic bags around my feet somehow. The main concern is not so much that I need dry feet to ride; it's that once the shoes get wet, they stay wet forever (or until I can put them in a dryer or leave them in the sun all day). Luckily, this coming week has a very promising weather forecast and there's a chance I'll get to a proper bike shop tomorrow.

What I did achieve at Walmart was stocking up on food. 

A historic sign stands at the edge of Berea College's campus. In the background stands the Boone Tavern Hotel, a stately white building with many windows. The historic sign reads: "BEREA COLLEGE. The Day Law prohibited racial coeducation in private schools. Although Berea appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, the last remained in effect until amended in 1950. Berea College remains committed to its mission of equality and educational opportunity, emphasizing liberal arts, inclusive Christianity, service to Appalachia, & dignity and utility of all labor."
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And I walked around Berea, including the Berea College campus, where it was not only Mother's Day but also graduation day. Emily told me Berea has a real arts and crafts scene, so I stopped in a few shops to marvel at wood crafts, jewelry and such. 

I'm noticing that many towns have sculptures everywhere that are painted differently at each location. In Elkhorn City, it was an elk. Here in Berea, it was an open, slightly cupped hand. In this view, one such hand (which was painted with an image of two people doinga hand stand) stands in front of the historic train station and a cabin where a woodworker sells crafts.
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I took care of some chores (finishing the process of drying out my clothes, lubricating Blue's chain, planning out where to stay for the next week), and I had a filling Mexican dinner at a family-owned restaurant, Rio Grande.

It was a very laid-back day after two days that were … let's call them more eventful. Exactly what I needed. 

After 50 miles in the rain yesterday, I look forward to 40 miles on a sunny day tomorrow.

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Keith AdamsWet feet: when forced by circumstances to ride in the rain, I generally take off my socks. That way I don't have that extra squelchy layer to contend with. I'm just as wet, but less annoyingly so.

Get hold of some newspaper. Crumple it up and stuff it in wet shoes, letting it site for a good long while (like overnight). It helps draw moisture out of the inside and dries them more quickly than air and heat alone. They'll still be damp, of course, but the overall drying process will be quicker.
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2 months ago
Chris GeorgeTo Keith AdamsExcellent tip! Thanks.
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2 months ago
Laila AzzouzChad had a good idea about dog treats. I hope you don’t have another encounter, but keep some dog treats with you… nothing better than food to distract them.
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2 months ago