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June 1, 2022

Day 40 (13th zero day, in Augusta): Invest In rest

This photo is almost too nice considering how the day felt. In my light blue t-shirt, I smile at the camera in front of a glistening lake that reflects a blue sky streaked with white clouds, a green, tree-lined horizon and a thin sandy shore.
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Wednesday stats

Start and end: Klondike Park in Augusta, Mo.

The Daily Progress: 0

Ice cream flavors: N/A

Lodging expenses: $65 (this is in addition to the $65 for yesterday)

Food expenses: $0. Today I ate only from my food bag, and I added nothing to it. I have enough from breakfast tomorrow and a Clif bar for second breakfast, but restocking tomorrow will be critical.

Wednesday status

Between the covid recovery and yesterday's heat, I was feeling quite lethargic. Plus, there was rain this morning and in the forecast for all but a tiny window in the afternoon and evening. Plus, I had to pay for two nights in the cabin I stayed in last night (granted, a sunk cost is a sunk cost and not a good reason to change future behavior — one of the few lessons I remember from accounting class, or maybe it was finance?).

What I'm getting at here is that I saw little gain in trying to dodge the rain and thunder only to have to camp in the rain tonight as I fight off the tiredness after covid. So I stayed put. I read a little and took a nice long nap and then walked around the park just a bit. The goal was to get some rest, and now I feel a lot better tonight than I did this morning. 

The next few days should be some pretty straightforward riding — just follow the Katy Trail — so I'm hoping that means I can put down some miles, especially after taking a zero day so soon after a whole string of zero days. But more than that, I just hope it feels good to ride again. It was a little hard to enjoy it yesterday, but I'm confident about tomorrow.

And I'll get to bed early. Good night!

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Keith Adams"granted, a sunk cost is a sunk cost and not a good reason to change future behavior"

Yep. I abandoned two pre-paid campsite reservations this week, when it became clear that I was not going to make it to the night's intended destination. I firmly believe I made the right decision, for me. I think you did, too.
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