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May 16, 2022

Day 24, to Sebree: Crossing the 1,000-mile mark on a gorgeous day

As I departed from my stay at the resort at Falls of Rough, I past an old white house on the left as I approached an iron bridge on the right to cross the Rough River. The river was calm.
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Start: The resort in Falls of Rough, Ky.

End: First Baptist Church, Sebree, Ky. This will probably be my last night in Kentucky.

The Daily Progress: 67.8 miles — a new high for this trip!

Elevation gain: 3,527 feet

Average speed: 11.2 mph —probably also a new high for this trip

Ice cream flavors: Cookie Kingdom Crunch and Michigan Pothole. The first one is basically an Oreo cookies and cream with maybe a malt or something like that for texture (and it's blue, but I have no idea why), and the Michigan Pothole is chocolate ice cream with thick fudge swirl and peanut butter cups. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to "Chris Eats Ice Cream in Every Town Along this Trail Across America." Actually, I'm gonna start cutting back. New rule for myself: No ice cream today if I had ice cream yesterday (well, unless there is something unique about the ice cream available today). Today, for example, the ice cream was great, but I should've gone to the soda fountain for something different. 

Food expenses: $24 — lunch at Doolin's Grocery in Pleasant Ridge, ice cream and dinner at the Sebree Dairy Bar.

Lodging expenses: $0! Thank you, Sebree First Baptist Church! The space here is mostly for the church's youth program, but there's a room dedicated to cyclists riding the TransAm, with a shower, cots, lots of useful information, maps and a biker box (take or leave whatever you want). Oddly, someone left two wheels!

Here's a panoramic view of the youth room, where I'm hanging out right before retiring to one of the side rooms to sleep on a cot. You can see, from left to right, a comfy area with couches and a TV, a pool table, foosball, a ping pong table and air hockey, and finally, a full kitchen with tables and chairs. The floor is partly gray carpet and partly blank and white checkered tile. Pretty cool space.
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By the way, it's Bike Anywhere Week! So I took this selfie of my in my Bike Anywhere Week shirt in front of the church, which displays a sign that says: "Sebree First Baptist Church. Cross-country cyclist hostel."
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Today's ride: 68 miles (109 km)
Total: 1,039 miles (1,672 km)

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Laila Azzouz“Michigan Pothole” ice cream… LOL! Paying homage to our orange-barreled state!
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