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May 15, 2022

Day 23, to Falls of Rough: An easy day, with a challenge ahead

The mansion at the Falls of Rough Resort is a handsome, white, two-story brick house ... with a very peculiar sculpture of a scared-looking man holding a lantern, which looks like something from a high-school art class.
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Day 23 stats

Start: White Mills Volunteer Fire Department

End: Falls of Rough Resort in Falls of Rough, Ky.

The Daily Progress: 41.39 miles

Elevation gain: 2,064 feet

Ice cream flavors: N/A. I didn't expect any ice cream options along the ride today because Google and the TransAm map both made it seem like there would be practically zero food options. So I stopped at a Dollar General to grab a premade salad for lunch and also picked up milk and chocolate chip cookies because I can't help myself. Nom nom nom. And two miles down the road, there's an ice cream shop! Bah! I can't have ice cream right after cookies! That's just too indulgent. Well, that's the last time I buy cookies at Dollar General. (Sure it is, Chris. Sure it is.)

Food expenses: $30. Dollar General, plus a sandwich here at the golf resort.

Lodging: $112. The Resort at Falls of Rough. It may be beyond the daily budget but it will all average out. The forecast warns about potentially severe thunderstorms tonight, so I, having learned from that tornado warning a week and a half ago, decided to make sure to be indoors tonight, and this was really the only option within riding distance — and it turned out to be a very cool old mansion.

This is my room tonight. Really living large now! A very ornate wooden bedframe matching the woodwork around the windows and a candelabra hanging from the ceiling.
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And there is a kitty who hangs out on the back patio. Haven't decided what to call her.
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There's one downside, as the title of this post suggests. The next realistic stopping point is 67.5 miles away. I've covered that kind of distance many times on previous trips but it'll be the longest day so far for this tour. In other words, I'd better get some rest! Good night.

Today's ride: 41 miles (66 km)
Total: 971 miles (1,563 km)

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Jeff LeeThe Dairy Bar in Sebree will have your ice cream, and there's also an old-fashioned drug store with a soda fountain in town.

The free lodging at the Baptist Church will help lower your daily expense average after your splurge in Falls of Rough ;)
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2 months ago
Chris GeorgeTo Jeff LeeThanks, Jeff! Yep, planning to stay at the church. Didn't know about the dairy bar or the drug store, so thanks for the tips!
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2 months ago