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Jeff Lee


Title Ratings
"Vibes" 1556
"Two Days, Two Weeks, or Two Months" 814
Summer's Almost Gone 2429
Destination Unknown 853
Deep South 741
Cincinnasty to the Mistake on the Lake 302
Oregon Coast to Kentucky WITH NO FLAT TIRES! 2476
Impromptour 175
March Across Missouri 208
Will I Walk? 87
Never Say Never Again 74
I Am the Weakest Link 1303
Forgotten Tour 257
Katy Trail in Two Days 190
"Ride Directly Into the Serpent Without Fear" 816
Hot "Fun" in the Summertime 311
(Brief) Escape from Utah 87
Travels with Little Debbie 989
Crossing The Country On A Cannondale 249


I've been riding a bike since 2005, and did my first tour in 2006, when I rode across the USA for the first time.

April 2017, with my Wabi Lightning SE, the most beautiful object I've ever owned.