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I Am the Weakest Link

Trying Not to Lose My Mind on the Great Divide

By Jeff Lee
2,648 miles (4,262 km) over 58 days between Jun. 1, 2016 and Jul. 28, 2016

The drive to the border

“Texas-Size It!” heart 33

New Mexico

“The desert is full of pointy things!” heart 42
I will never again disregard my wife’s advice regarding the handling of porcupine quills. heart 57
Something I've been dreading for the last year heart 9
The old man who swallowed the fly heart 28
"I don’t trust either of you men, but I do trust that Jesus Christ will help me.” heart 28
Why am I such a weenie? heart 31
“No, No, No!” heart 20
Map Wrassler heart 23
Brief visit to a truly deplorable outhouse heart 23
Don’t stay at the Red Lion Hotel in Grants, New Mexico heart 4
Our first serious navigational disagreement of the tour heart 44
“Uh, that’s dirt, actually” heart 32
"Fresh" heart 12
The Infamous Forest Road 144 heart 7
Marital harmony was restored heart 5
"Oh! So you were a little bit creepy, eh?" heart 8
“Some MAN pounded his tent stakes into the ground so hard he couldn’t get them out!” heart 5
“That chipmunk wants our Cheez-Its!” heart 7
“Brazos Ridge made me cry." heart 3


My Colorado mood heart 3
The highest elevation, but my lowest point heart 5
New chains purchased, grudgingly heart 4
It wasn't a rattlesnake after all heart 5
Butts of iron heart 4
Joy maintains a steady smirk heart 4
My belief that chiropractic is quackery is confirmed heart 3
“Are you a mountain man again, Mr. Grizzly?” heart 3
"You really do look terrible." heart 3
We're grownups, and we can do what we want. heart 3
Reboot heart 3
This is the way bike touring should be! heart 3


A heavy jar of Nutella is, of course, an essential item on a long bicycle tour. heart 2
“YOU INSPIRE ME!” heart 3


“If you see a bicycle on THIS road, you just have to stop” heart 3
"IT’S STATE LAW!!” heart 3

South Dakota

Vicious Mosquitoes heart 3
“My gummy bears are produced with genetic engineering!” heart 3
An unfortunately brief nap heart 3
I’ve really been missing my nice teakettle heart 3
“Oh no, they’re going to take all the burritos away!” heart 3
"Six F*CKING peaches!" heart 3
“If I had to ride that thing, the seat would be so far up my booty that I couldn’t find it.” heart 2

North Dakota

"For funsies" heart 2
I have become the kind of cranky, picky old man who actually travels with his own supply of oatmeal. heart 2


Joy inadvertently rides in a funeral procession heart 3
“Think of it as exfoliating.” heart 2
“These stains tell a story!” heart 4
Joy ponders the inscrutability of men in general, and me in particular heart 2
“Can you do 30 more miles, Mr. Grizzly?” heart 3
Man Flu heart 4
“You should warn a person about that!” heart 2