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From I Am the Weakest Link by Jeff Lee

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Jeff Lee commented on Our first serious navigational disagreement of the tour

Yeah, that was a nice section of the route - a nice break from the super-arid New Mexico desert.

5 months ago
Jeff Lee commented on a photo in Our first serious navigational disagreement of the tour

Thanks Scott. The next day was...not so great. One day in the dry desert is apparently enough for me, haha.

5 months ago
Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Our first serious navigational disagreement of the tour

Wonderful image, like many on this page. A great day indeed.

5 months ago
Gregory Garceau commented on Our first serious navigational disagreement of the tour

Like Joy, one of my favorite sounds is the wind blowing through the pine trees--or the wind blowing through ANY kinds of trees. Or the wind blowing through tall grasses, for that matter.

5 months ago
Jeff Lee commented on “Texas-Size It!”

Hi Ron,

Yes, I've been trying intermittently to copy our Divide journal from Medium, where I originally created it during the tour, over to CycleBlaze. Unfortunately it's very cumbersome to copy the content from Medium. I haven't found a way to automate the process, and I've been busy with other things, so I've barely got any of it done. I'll leave it on Medium until I get it copied over here.

Joy and I were on CGoaB for several years, although Joy quit interacting with it long before I stopped. In fact, I quit (or rather, was "fired" from) CGoaB during our Divide tour in 2016. Virtually all our journals are here now.

The Great Divide route is extremely challenging - definitely the hardest thing I've attempted. We only did about half of it, the New Mexico and Colorado portions, before we decided to make our own route, and head to the North Shore of Lake Superior instead. That was mostly pavement and some gravel roads, and was much easier and more like a "normal" bike tour.

I don't want to scare you off the route - there's awesome scenery and a sense of isolation you won't get on other bike routes - but it was a little too much for me, and I missed eating pizza and ice cream in small towns at the end of each day. There's not much of that on the Divide, ha! It's more like backpacking.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do this summer,


1 year ago
Ron Suchanek commented on “Texas-Size It!”

Hey Jeff,
I stumbled across your journal on Medium today and, as I read I had a feeling that you and Joy were familiar. Then it occurred to me that I've seen your stuff in Cycleblaze and maybe CGOB.

Are you going to post the rest of your GDMBR journal on Cycleblaze? What I've read so far is great. Jen and I are in Colorado for a year or so to help with her mom so I'm looking for some routes to do this summer and was thinking about doing the Great Divide Route on Colorado.


1 year ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in I will never again disregard my wife’s advice regarding the handling of porcupine quills.

In Mammalogy class, they said the large ears give them more surface area to radiate excess body heat.

Ok, I just google searced it, and I remembered my 1968 college course details correctly!


1 year ago