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Find The River 42
The Middle of Sweden 20
Off Road in the Cambrians 6
A rather short introduction to Welsh mountains 4
The land of the Belgians and Luxembourgeois 35


I'm Jon, I live in Bedfordshire, and one my great joys is attempting to ride by bike around my back yard, county, country and beyond.

I tend to take a bit of a DIY attitude to this touring malarkey, having started off with a succession of more or less unsuitable bikes and learning the hard way to keep them going as bits fell off them and wheels fell apart. Likewise, I'm a fan of the freedom and adventure of wild camping.

This approach seems to have stuck, and I still find myself disappearing for two-week stints generally to the continent every year. I have cycled through Central Sweden, between the Jura, Black Forest and Rhine, and through the Low Countries to Luxembourg. When I lived in Oxford I would disappear off to Wales fairly frequently.