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Tour displacement therapy

Distracting myself with rides around three counties

By Jon Ayling
1,207 km (750 miles) over 109 days since Feb. 8, 2020


Background heart 9
Upgrades to the 'Shift heart 6

Day Rides

Cambridge loop heart 30
Fenland Rush heart 41
Peat Bog Horror heart 22
Kettering: Party Town heart 39
Bedfordshire full circle heart 28
The Flying Bum heart 28
Katherine of Aragon memorial loop heart 49
Cambridgeshire with Caroline heart 59
Four county extravaganza heart 24
Avoiding Arseley heart 31
The Nice Man Cometh heart 11
Beds to Bucks heart 37
Three Roman Roads heart 43
MK: So Good they Abbreviate It+ heart 4
+Updated within 1 day