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The Middle of Sweden

A meandering journey through the lakes, pines and gravel roads of inland Sweden

By Jon Ayling
830 miles (1,336 km) over 17 days between Jul. 15, 2017 and Jul. 31, 2017


Preface, or catching up heart 0
The Blue Shift heart 1
The Plan heart 1
My intended route heart 1
Gearing up heart 1

The Tour

Setting off heart 1
Skåne - Trelleborg to Söderasens national park heart 0
Some sightseeing and shortish day heart 1
Lovely lakes and perfect weather heart 1
It's pronounced Yurn-Shopping heart 1
Swallowed into inland Sweden heart 1
An unorthodox route heart 1
Varmland Warmland heart 0
Last push north heart 1
"Rest" day heart 1
Into the wild heart 1
To the frontier heart 3
Down the valley of the Glomma heart 1
Coming Home heart 1

Summing up (or: I haven't learnt a damned thing)

The tour in a few numbers heart 1
Some reflections heart 1