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"Ride Directly Into the Serpent Without Fear"

Iowa to San Francisco

By Jeff Lee
2,786 miles (4,484 km) over 34 days between Jun. 24, 2013 and Jul. 27, 2013
Introduction heart 1


The Most Half-Assed Shakedown Ride Ever heart 2
"Training for RAGBRAI, are you?" heart 4
The Best Toast I Have Ever Eaten heart 1


"You Look Terrible!" heart 2
High quality chocolate milk is a pretty big deal to me, OK? heart 1
The Home of the World's Only Chokecherry Jamboree! heart 1
The Stress of Making Delicious Sandwiches heart 1
Yes, I Am Capable of Eating Three of the Large Burritos heart 3
The Stinkiest Town I Have Ever Traveled Through heart 2


Some Devastating News heart 6
Abraham Lincoln Looks Annoyed heart 2


My Third Consecutive Meal Consisting of a Burrito heart 0
"You Got it, Baby!" heart 3
No Examples of My Wife's Misbehavior as a Third Grader Were Provided heart 1
"DUDE: IT IS COLD." heart 9
Meltdown heart 1
Luv Shack heart 8
What's Up With Old People and Arby's? heart 8
Do Not Let the Scorpions Get in Your Tent heart 0


"It's going to be F**KING HOT!" heart 3
Spectacular Scenery heart 3
I did not watch Amanda Butterfield in my motel room in Caineville, Utah. heart 6
"Hey, this guy wants a ride. He says he's tired and can't pedal no more!" heart 3
Room 147 heart 2
THIS IS NOT 89 heart 2
Least Scenic Ride of the Last 25 Days heart 4
A Very Empty Road heart 7


"Stop Right There!" heart 3
Toppling of the Porta-John heart 3
I Don't Know Who Bob Scott Is heart 3
Dozens of Norwegians heart 5
Unexpected Iowa-Related Encounter heart 3


The Flagmen Are My Friends heart 5
The Source of a Disturbing Odor is Finally Discovered heart 11
"Don't Jinx Me!" heart 8
Final Thoughts heart 3