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Coast to Coast WITH NO FLAT TIRES!

By Jeff Lee
2,502 miles (4,027 km) over 40 days since Jun. 10, 2019
Introduction heart 6
A vegetarian who does not like vegetables heart 7

Oregon (and a tiny bit of Nevada)

Day One: Bandon, Oregon to Roseburg, Oregon heart 50
Day Two: Roseburg, Oregon to "Umpqua's Last Resort" RV Park heart 45
Day Three: "Umpqua's Last Resort" RV Park to Fort Klamath, Oregon heart 23
Day Four: Fort Klamath, Oregon to Lakeview, Oregon heart 45
Day Five: Lakeview, Oregon to Virgin Valley Campground (Humboldt County, Nevada) heart 69
Day Six: Virgin Valley Campground to Fields Station, Oregon heart 49
Day Seven: Fields Station, Oregon to Burns, Oregon heart 64
Day Eight: Burns, Oregon to Juntura, Oregon heart 34
Day Nine: Juntura, Oregon to Emmett, Idaho heart 111

Idaho (and a tiny bit of Montana)

Day Ten: Rest Day in Emmett, Idaho heart 5
Day Eleven: Emmett, Idaho to Thirteen Miles Northeast of Lowman, Idaho heart 98
Day Twelve: Thirteen Miles Northeast of Lowman, Idaho to May Family Ranch Reunion Center heart 73
Day Thirteen: May Family Ranch Reunion Center to Clyde, Idaho heart 86
Day Fourteen: Clyde, Idaho to Dubois, Idaho heart 36
Day Fifteen: Dubois, Idaho to West Yellowstone, Montana heart 62
Day Sixteen: Rest Day in West Yellowstone, Montana heart 5


Day Seventeen: West Yellowstone, Montana to Cody, Wyoming heart 82
Day Eighteen: Cody, Wyoming to Basin, Wyoming heart 39
Day Nineteen: Basin, Wyoming to Buffalo, Wyoming heart 78
Day Twenty: Buffalo, Wyoming to Gillette, Wyoming heart 68
Day Twenty-one: Gillette, Wyoming to Aladdin, Wyoming heart 84

South Dakota

Day Twenty-two: Aladdin, Wyoming to Spearfish, South Dakota heart 49
Day Twenty-three: Spearfish, South Dakota to Edgemont, South Dakota heart 81


Day Twenty-four: Edgemont, South Dakota to Chadron, Nebraska heart 37
Day Twenty-five: Chadron, Nebraska to Gordon, Nebraska heart 31
Day Twenty-six: Gordon, Nebraska to Valentine, Nebraska heart 67
Update: July 8, 2019 heart 7
Day Twenty-seven: Valentine, Nebraska to Atkinson, Nebraska heart 55
Day Twenty-eight: Atkinson, Nebraska to Neligh, Nebraska heart 31
Day Twenty-nine: Neligh, Nebraska to Onawa, Iowa heart 40


Day Thirty: Onawa, Iowa to Audubon, Iowa heart 36
Day Thirty-one: Audubon, Iowa to Adel, Iowa heart 24
Update: July 16, 2019. I'm still on the road. heart 5

The Route Created by John Egan

The Route: Oregon and Nevada heart 1
The Route: Idaho and Montana heart 1
The Route: Wyoming heart 1
The Route: South Dakota and Nebraska heart 4
The Route: South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota heart 1
The Route: Minnesota and Wisconsin heart 0
The Route: Michigan heart 0
The Route: Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania heart 0
The Route: Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia and Delaware heart 0
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