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Morro Bay to Manitowoc

By Jeff Lee
2,283 miles (3,674 km) over 36 days since Jun. 15, 2024


The Year I Became an Old Man heart 21
My Vague Plan heart 13

Pre-Tour Miscellany

My Aborted September 15th, 2023 Tour heart 51
First Rides After Back Surgery heart 221
First 100-Mile Ride of 2024 heart 69
Second 100-Mile Ride of 2024 heart 78
Big News in the Bike Touring World heart 13
Third 100-Mile Ride of 2024 heart 72
An Almost Completely Forgotten Five-Day Tour From 2014 heart 103
Update: Less Than Two Months to Go heart 6
Fourth 100-Mile Ride of 2024 heart 50
Fifth 100-Mile Ride of 2024 heart 59
Sixth 100-Mile Ride, First 200-Kilometer Ride of 2024 heart 101
Seventh 100-Mile Ride of 2024 heart 27
A Couple of Weeks to Go heart 5
First Time on the Singlespeed in Several Months heart 77
"Vibes" heart 10


Day Zero: Short Ride on the Pacific Coast Highway heart 54
Day One: Morro Bay, California to Near Simmler, California heart 162
Day Two: Near Simmler, California to Bakersfield, California heart 90
Day Three: Bakersfield, California to Glennville, California heart 100
Day Four: Glennville, California to Johnny McNally's Fairview Lodge heart 86
Day Five: Johnny McNally's Fairview Lodge to Kennedy Meadows General Store heart 64
Day Six: Kennedy Meadows General Store to Lone Pine, California heart 65
Day Seven: Lone Pine, California to Big Pine, California heart 58
Day Eight: Big Pine, California to Goldfield, Nevada heart 92


Day Nine: Goldfield, Nevada to Tonopah, Nevada heart 76
Day Ten: Tonopah, Nevada to Near Mile Marker 95 Along US-6 heart 183
Day Eleven: Near Mile Marker 95 Along US-6 to Preston, Nevada heart 108
Day Twelve: Preston, Nevada to Ely, Nevada heart 103
Day Thirteen: Ely, Nevada to The Border Inn Casino heart 95


Day Fourteen: The Border Inn Casino to Delta, Utah heart 162
Day Fifteen: Delta, Utah to Payson, Utah heart 119
Day Sixteen: Payson, Utah to Orem, Utah heart 120
Day Seventeen: Orem, Utah to Coalville, Utah heart 195
Day Eighteen: Rest Day in Coalville, Utah heart 28


Day Nineteen: Coalville, Utah to Lyman, Wyoming heart 237
Day Twenty: Lyman, Wyoming to Rock Springs, Wyoming heart 139
Day Twenty-one: Rock Springs, Wyoming to Wamsutter, Wyoming heart 82
Day Twenty-two: Wamsutter, Wyoming to Medicine Bow, Wyoming heart 127
Day Twenty-three: Medicine Bow, Wyoming to Wheatland, Wyoming heart 155
My Plan For the Rest of the Tour heart 14
Day Twenty-four: Wheatland, Wyoming to Torrington, Wyoming heart 206


Day Twenty-five: Torrington, Wyoming to Hemmingford, Nebraska heart 139
Day Twenty-six: Hemmingford, Nebraska to Rushville, Nebraska heart 171
Day Twenty-seven: Rushville, Nebraska to Valentine, Nebraska heart 255
Day Twenty-eight: Valentine, Nebraska to Springview, Nebraska heart 113
Day Twenty-nine: Springview, Nebraska to Spencer, Nebraska heart 159

Nebraska and South Dakota

Day Thirty: Spencer, Nebraska to Yankton, South Dakota heart 234

South Dakota and Iowa

Day Thirty-one: Yankton, South Dakota to Rock Valley, Iowa heart 128


Day Thirty-two: Rock Valley, Iowa to Estherville, Iowa heart 136
Day Thirty-three: Rest Day in Estherville, Iowa heart 12

Iowa and Minnesota

Day Thirty-four: Estherville, Iowa to Albert Lea, Minnesota+ heart 183


+Updated within 1 day
Updated within 7 days