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July 10, 2022

Day 79, to Colter Bay: Moving north within Grand Teton

This was our view of the Tetons turning a pinkish orange and reflecting in Jenny Lake as the sun rises behind us.
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Sunday stats

Start: Jenny Lake Campground, Grand Teton National Park

End: Colter Bay Campground, Grand Teton National Park

The Daily Progress: 21.3 miles

Cumulative climb: 902 feet

Cumulative descent: 794 feet

Elevation at endpoint: 6833

Ice cream flavors: Cookie crumble and Death By Chocolate for me, Idaho Rocky Road for Dani

Lodging expenses: $50

Food expenses: $62 for breakfast at Jackson Lake Lodge, $54 for snacks, $15 for lunch, $5 for ice cream

Dani's notes

Today we woke up early to sit on the shore of Jenny Lake and watch the Tetons blush with the rising sun (see the photo at the top of this blog entry).

We packed up camp and pedaled to Jackson Lodge. On the way, we got a good look at a HUGE bull elk with a MASSIVE rack. 

A huge elk with a huge set of antlers grazes on grass just a few feet from the road, where a car is parked. Trees provide cover just behind the elk along the road.
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We also caught a glimpse of a moose and watched a pair of ground squirrels being adorable.

I haven't yet mentioned the wildflowers of Grand Teton National Park, and they deserve a mention. They are abundant and diverse in form and color. If they did well as cut flowers (they probably don't) and if it were legal to pick them (it's not), they'd make a beautiful bouquet.

A bunch of yellow wildflowers similar to sunflowers line the banks of Jackson Lake. As usual, the Tetons loom on the background.
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Breakfast at The Mural Room of the Jackson Lodge was a disappointment, but we can now say with authority that Signal Lodge has the best breakfast in the park. Don't miss the blackberry french toast.

After breakfast, we spent a few hours in the Great Hall of Jackson Lodge. The windows and staircase of the Great Hall are cleverly arranged so that as you ascend to the into the room the three floor-to-ceiling windows in the back of the room each frame one large, looming peak. Credit to the architect who contrived it.

Just as Dani described, here is the view of the big room at Jackson Lake Lodge, which features three huge windows, each of which perfectly frames one of the mountain peaks.
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At noon, we biked to Colter Bay and pitched camp. We took the afternoon to do chores and errands (laundries, groceries etc.) We went for a short walk, ate ice cream, and learned about the park's wildlife at the ranger program.

Today's ride: 21 miles (34 km)
Total: 2,901 miles (4,669 km)

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