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May 26, 2022 to May 27, 2022

Chris catches covid

Covid finally caught up to me, despite the three shots I've taken. I woke up with a sore throat and a warm forehead on Thursday, May 26, so I tested myself, and it was positive. 

Luckily, my friends Rob and Jenn are still negative, so I've been keeping my distance and hanging out primarily in their lovely screened-in porch. I'm very grateful to be in a comfortable place with such understanding, caring friends, but I can't help but feel guilty for complicating their lives and causing the rescheduling of a big event they had planned for this weekend.

Welcome to "the Lounge," Jenn and Rob's second-floor back porch, where I'm resting and keeping my distance. I'm chilling on the outdoor couch. On the footrest, Rob set up a portable entertainment system for me (a computer monitor and speaker connected to an old iPhone equipped with several video-streaming services). In the background is a hammock on a stand and a couple of folding chairs and end tables, for distanced, masked conversation.
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In light of all this, Dani will not be visiting St. Louis this weekend as planned. That's definitely the smart move, but it was hard to accept.

My symptoms have included a headache, very mild fever, mild achiness and congestion, so it's been worse than a typical cold, but I would describe it as only as severe as the average flu. So I'm definitely not the sickest I've ever been, but I am so glad I can just sit here and rest (and, well, rethink my plans).

Speaking of rethinking my plans, thanks to a tip in one of the comments on this blog, I'll probably change course and take the new Eastern Express leg of the TransAm (which I'd never even heard of prior to this comment), which will take me slightly more directly to northern Colorado. This should shorten the riding time needed between here and Wyoming by a day or two, maybe more ... I don't know exactly — and I'm trying not to plan things out with greater specificity until I resume riding and see how I feel, now that I'm dealing with (checks notes) irritated skin, what appears to be carpal tunnel syndrome and whatever lingering effects covid has on me.

Even if symptoms go away quickly, based on the CDC guidelines for how long to isolate after contracting covid and having symptoms, I'll probably have to stay in St. Louis a little longer than planned. So right now I'm waiting for the disease to run its course and hoping to resume riding mid-next week. In the meantime, I'll be endlessly grateful for my friends and their hospitality — and I'll be trying to savor the memories of the trip so far.

Stay well out there, everyone.

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Keith AdamsMan, that's a bummer 👎. But at least you are in the care of friends and not stuck in some soulless hotel room or your tent.
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2 months ago
Keith AdamsOh yeah, my other thought: so much for my rose colored glasses assumption that spending the bulk of one's time alone, either while riding or camping alone, is somehow "enough" to keep you safe. Looks like I'll be packing some extra masks as a precaution.
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2 months ago
Lucy MartinUgh. Hope you recover quickly and fully. Glad you are with friends.
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2 months ago