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June 17, 2022

Day 57, to Fort Collins: Oops, I did it again — another crazy long day

Saturday stats

Start: Pioneer Park, Sterling, Colo.

End: Baymont Inn, Fort Collins, Colo.

The Daily Progress: 96.05 miles

The Ascension: 4,551 feet

Elevation at endpoint: ?

Flat tires: 3 this trip — new one today, but at least it had the courtesy of happening during my lunch break at Pawnee Station Restaurant in Raymer, where I had shade and a place to sit. 

Saturday successes

"Like a bat out of hell, I'll be [still packing up all of my crap] when the morning comes."

Okay, so I was still a little later than I could have been, but considering that the park's sprinkler system woke me up twice in the wee small hours and forced me to move, I'm proud of myself for still hitting the road shortly after 7. 

Colorado easily wins the contest for most beautiful state on this tour so far. I was reminded of this early and often. 

I will add photos tomorrow.

I was gonna stop in Braggsdale, but as I headed toward it, I thought to myself; Why? I started early to beat the heat, but the heat wasn't bad at all. That meant I had plenty of time in the late afternoon to go further.

And so I did.

I didn't get far enough through Fort Collins to plan on making it to Denver tomorrow, but that's fine. It looks like thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon, so I'm glad I covered enough distance today that I could take another rest day and not need to worry.

Okay, my brain is shutting down. But first, a few highlights:

Colorado is gorgeous.

It's really nice to be at a point where I can ride 58 miles, change my plans and add another 38 miles to the day without any fear.

After checking in at the hotel and taking a shower, I went to the nearest bar to celebrate the long distance covered.  The nearest bar was Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon, where there was country dancing tonight. Okay, I tried to follow a couple of the line dances, but I was too uncoordinated to be any good. 

Okay, it's really time for bed. More tomorrow.

Today's ride: 96 miles (154 km)
Total: 2,302 miles (3,705 km)

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