Dobrý den: A Bohemian Foray (Tour 15) - 2015 🇨🇿 - CycleBlaze

Dobrý den: A Bohemian Foray (Tour 15) - 2015 🇨🇿

T4: The Next Chapter

By Brent Irvine
327 km (203 miles) over 16 days between Aug. 10, 2015 and Aug. 25, 2015
New Frontiers heart 1
Again? I say, Again!?: I think it is time to get back on the bike. In Europe, no less. heart 0
Booked!: Toronto to Prague with Bicycle heart 0
Where to stay when you hit the road: Hotel? Hostel? B & B? Warmshowers? heart 0
Dahon Speed TR: First time touring on a folding bike heart 0
Navigational Directionality: GPS? Maps? Compass? Seat of my pants? heart 0
Toronto Flight: Air Transat Flight from YYZ to PRG heart 0
Arrival to Praha: Bikes: Damaged, repaired and ridden into the city centre heart 0
A Day Wandering Old Prague: On a really hot summer day heart 0
Praha to Hrazany: Toughest ride in my life heart 0
Hrazany to Milevsko: Still 36 C but a wee bit better ride today heart 0
Milevsko to České Budějovice: Rails and trails heart 0
České Budějovice to Český Krumlov: Riding into a Bohemian wonderland heart 0
Český Krumlov: Relax in the rain. They need the water! heart 0
Český Krumlov to Volary: Rolling hills under clearing skies heart 0
Volary to Vimperk: Mountains with pine forests and a castle at the end of the tunnel heart 0
Vimperk to Sušice: 'SNAP'... hey, that was my chain breaking mid-stroke! heart 0
Sušice to Žinkovy: Buses again today heart 0
Žinkovy to Pilsen: The ride was a breeze heart 0
Pilsen to Prague: Transfer by Student Agency bus heart 0
Prague: St Wenceslas is around here somewhere heart 0
Placing the bikes in a lion's den?: Will my bike forgive me? heart 0
Lessons Learned: I guess I don't know everything heart 0