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August 25, 2015

Placing the bikes in a lion's den?: Will my bike forgive me?

KNOWING that I had to be up early, I slept with one eye open and one eye closed.

Right on time, the transfer service arrived with a full-sized van into which we placed our bags and bikes without an issue. Our host was not there so we deposited the keys with the clerk at the hotel across the road and were on our way to the airport. Yes, we had cycled into the city when we first arrived, but seeing that we HAD to make the flight I wanted a sure thing. Or as sure as a thing can be.

For the CAD$30 it cost (compared to maybe $5 on public transit) it was well worth it. No hassle, quick and out of the rain. At the airport we checked in, paid the bike fee, and handed the bikes over to security - which is where I became a little uneasy. Not that they did anything wrong, but the answer was a vague yes when it came to safety and the best means of handing over the bikes. I anticipated more damage upon our arrival.

When you travel with me, you get somewhere with plenty of time to kill. Think of it as a time cushion, if you will. If there are any issues with getting to the airport, checking in and such, I allow several hours so that I do NOT miss the plane.

Thus, there was plenty of time to sit in a fairly dull airport experience. Yes, we tried a cafe, yes we checked in when we could, but it just made a long day longer.

As with the flight in, the Airbus 300 configuration was such that I had to contort myself in the seat to get any kind of comfort. From the start, I was counting down the minutes as time crawled by. And eventually we made it.

In Toronto's Pearson airport, when I got the bikes I checked mine and it seems things have been dinged some more. The main thing is that my Brooks Flyer Special saddle is intact and fine. That was my priority. It will be my saddle of choice hereon in.

In a nutshell, transfer back to the hotel and car, loaded the car, then headed AWAY from home to collect kidlets for tomorrow's incredibly friggin long drive home.

Not sorry to have missed a rainy ride to the airport. Here is the plane ready to toss our bikes around again, dinging and denting my poor Dahon.
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