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August 17, 2015

Český Krumlov: Relax in the rain. They need the water!

Český Krumlov, same hotel.

It was really nice to not have to get right up. It was especially nice that I did not have to get up to go cycling in the pouring rain. But, they so really need it, that I cannot be discouraged. While MA slept, I caught up on the journal from the past few hectic days. Not all, but soon.

With a cramping hand, I stopped to get ready so we could head out for breakfast - about 20m away, across from Restaurant Jakub. I had German sausage and bread; MA had eggs and bread. The food was mediocre but the lattes were really good. It poured rain the whole time, but being under a canopy, it was cozy. Not as many as yesterday, there were still enough tourists meandering the streets with their umbrellas or rain coats. Many tourists had with them their selfie-sticks. These things look foolish.

We climbed up to the castle for breathtaking views across town, up to the very formal gardens, all the while in the pouring rain. Even with umbrellas we were getting quite wet. It was well worth it, and even once down, it was nice to wander the streets some more.

Both of us were thirsty, but not hungry, so we stopped at a cafe along a small canal of the river where MA had a cappuccino and I had a dunkel - reinforces the fact that the beers of central Europe are not my favourite!

Deciding to dry out, we returned to our room where I also re-charged my tablet, my gps batteries and my camera, all of which are low. At the same time, we studied the route and weather for tomorrow. It seems it will rain til noon, and that the route will be mostly a long, hard climb.

Vltava River snaking around the old centre.- Český Krumlov, Czechia
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A neat display of pieces of birch branches drilled, wired and screwed together, with moss poked into numerous crevices.- Český Krumlov, Czechia
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View of the castle from under a canopy out of the pouring rain.- Český Krumlov, Czechia
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Tonight's supper destination, Restaurant Jakub- Český Krumlov, Czechia
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