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August 14, 2015

Hrazany to Milevsko: Still 36 C but a wee bit better ride today

Another sweltering day with lots of undulating roads. So we chose a pansion not on our original agenda. It turned out to be a gem with amazing food.

All night I felt crappy so took a gravol in the middle of the night. This seemed to settle my stomach a bit so I was really hungry at breakfast after having missed dinner last night. I devoured cheese, bread, meats, juice, instant coffee, veggies and fruit. And had more. I had to restore myself somehow.

We had slept in so only got going around 11 am. Late on such another hot day of 36 C. The first part was rolling down from the hotel. MA's plan was to stick to bigger roads to avoid hills as much as possible. We also stopped frequently for sips of water and even for a peach and water refill at one point.

The terrain, though beautiful, is so brown everywhere. It is so dry that lots of trees are losing their leaves. It means we lose a lot of water as we ride these very big hills.

Though better than yesterday, I still felt nausea and was weak. Our plan was to go to our hotel in Zvikovske but when we arrived to Milevsko, I figured the cost of a taxi would be more than a new room, plus we would have no means of finding a bus or train tomorrow.

As a result, I started looking for a hotel right away, and within 100 m we found this Pansion. The entrance was through the building where I entered a very nice restaurant and found they did, indeed, have a room for us for 800 Kr (CAD$45). We stored the bikes, cleaned up, I had a gravol, then we went for supper in their restaurant.

We both had the same - slabs of chicken breast, each with a different cheese melted onto it; MA had rice, I had fries, and there was gravy and sauerkraut. The meals were excellent! The total price was between CAD$15-20. The best was that I was able to eat!

To figure out tomorrow, we walked around a bit. We got cash for the next few days, then researched the trains and buses. Back at the room we researched more, and decided we'd take a train to České Budějovice tomorrow, rather than cycling the 60 km. A breather for us and time for my flu to end.

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Today's ride: 40 km (25 miles)
Total: 125 km (78 miles)

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