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2 For the Road

The retirement tours of Jim and Sue Price

By Sue Price & Jim Price
2,094 km (1,300 miles) over 61 days between Jul. 4, 2017 and Sep. 2, 2017
3 months to go! heart 2
Getting Closer!: 5 weeks to go until I'm officially retired - yikes! heart 3
Two weeks till retirement, 19 days till we hit the road!: Yikes! Are we ready for this? heart 2
One week!: Looking like our first home! heart 1
Officially Retired!: Done, done, done! heart 1
Day 1 Rathtrevor Beach to Living Forest, Nanaimo: And Here We Go! heart 2
Day 2 Living Forest, Nanimo: Rest Day heart 3
Day 3 - Nanaimo to Duncan: Mama said there'd be days like this... heart 5
Day 4 Duncan to Sanich: Getting used to hills, I guess heart 1
Day 5 Saanich to Blake's Camp Ground near LaConnor: Beware of reserving campgrounds online! heart 2
Day 6 - Blake's to LaConnor: Time Out! heart 3
Day 7 LaConnor to Everett: The Kindness of Strangers heart 3
Day 8 Everett to Kenmore: A Day to Savour the Small Moments heart 1
Day 9 Kenmore to Seattle: The Unfamiliar Familiar heart 1
Day 10: Rest Day in Seattle heart 1
Day 11 Seattle: A Second Rest Day heart 1
Day 12 and 13 - Seattle to Portland: with 10,000 of our closest friends heart 1
Day 14 -15 Portland, Oregon: Resting up and Catching up heart 1
Day 16 Portland to Champoeg Park (pronounced heart 0
Day 17 Champoeg Park to Newberg and back: Planning and exploring heart 1
Day 18 Champoeg to Willamette State Park: A slow relaxing relocation day heart 1
Day 19 Wilamette State Park to Salem: A change of plans heart 1
Day 20 Salem: More to see heart 0
Day 21 Salem to Edelweiss Lane, near the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge: A Day of Ups and Downs (literally and figuratively) heart 0
Day 22 Ankeny - Albany: Ah, so much better! heart 0
Day 23 Albany KOA - Territorial Bed and Breakfast, Junction City: A nice long, flat road is not a bad thing! heart 0
Day 24 and 25 Junction City to Eugene and a rest day in Eugene: Planning to not be in the area for the eclipse heart 0
Day 26 - Eugene to Camp near Reedsport: Good Things Come in Threes - Unless They're Hills heart 0
Day 27 Camp to Reedsport: Never Believe Anyone Who Says heart 0
Day 28 Reedsport to Umpquah Lighthouse Park: We Reach The Ocean (and don't go much farther)! heart 0
Day 29 Umpquah to Coos Bay: Preparing to ride the 7 Devils heart 0
Day 30 Coos Bay to Bullard State Park: We Did It! Well, we did the 7 Devils, anyways heart 0
Day 31 Bullard State Park - Bandon: Hmm... are we really going to do this? Yes, we are!!! heart 0
Day 32 Bandon, Oregon: Enjoying the fog heart 0
Day 33 Bandon to Humbug State Park: Ho hum, another beautiful day in Oregon heart 0
Day 34 Humbug Park to Gold Beach: The day we go over the 1000 mile mark! heart 0
Day 35 Gold Beach to Harris State Park: Surviving the Fire Swamp heart 0
Day 36 Harris Beach State Park to Warmshowers in Crescent City: When Does Flat Mean Flat? heart 0
Day 37 Crescent City, CA: Putzing Around in Crescent City heart 0
Day 38 Crescent City to Klamath, CA: I Am A Lion heart 0
Day 39 Klamath to Elk Prairie Camp Ground: A Short Day heart 0
Day 40 Elk Prairie Camp Ground: Strangers To The Rescue Once Again heart 0
Day 41 Elk Prairie to Patrick's Point State Park: The Sun Makes An Appearance heart 0
Day 42 Patrick's Point to Arcata: Read The Fine Print heart 0
Day 43 Arcata: A Horrible Discovery heart 0
Day 44 Arcata to Fortuna: meeting more amazing people heart 0
Day 45 Fortuna tto Burlington Campground in the Redwoods: The Avenue of the Giants heart 0
Day 46 Burlington Campground Redwood Forest: Taking a Day Off to Explore heart 0
Day 47 Burlington Campground to Richardson Grove State Park: Smoke on the Water heart 0
Day 48 Richardson Grove to Standish Hickey: Getting set to see the eclipse (well, the part we can!) heart 0
Day 49 Standish Hickey: Hunkered down for the eclipse heart 0
Day 50 Standish Hickey to Westport: We conquer another big climb (or two) heart 0
Day 51 Westport to Van Damme Park: Where has the sun gone? heart 0
Day 52 Van Damme Park to Manchester Beach KOA: The steepest grade on the California coast - oh boy! heart 0
Day 53 Manchester Beach KOA to Gualala Park: Try to say that 3 times fast! heart 0
Day 54 Gualala Park to Stillwater Cove Park: The long and winding road continues heart 0
Day 55 Stillwater Cove Park to Bodega Dunes Park: Don't forget to eat! heart 0
Day 56 Bodega Dunes: A Day of Decisions heart 0
Day 57 Bodega Dunes to Samuel P Taylor Park: Another Long Day! heart 0
Day 58 Samuel P Taylor to Mill Valley Travel Lodge: A slight Change of Venue heart 0
Day 59 Mill Bay Travel Lodge to Oakland (via San Francisco!): We Reach a Major Milestone heart 1
Day 60 Oakland: The End (for now) heart 2
Epilogue: Some Final .Thoughts heart 2