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It's late September and I really should be back on tour

a ride through Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Corsica

By Scott Fenwick & Pat Fenwick
806 km (501 miles) over 28 days since Sep. 24, 2018
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The plan heart 10
We're Here heart 11
Around Avignon heart 21
Last day of prep and sight seeing heart 12
Avignon to Arles heart 22
Arles to Eyguieres heart 13
Eyguieres to Mirabeau heart 14
Mirabeau to Cotignac heart 22
Cotignac to Seillans heart 19
Seillans to Vence heart 11
Vence to Nice heart 37
Two full days in Nice heart 18
Nice to Bastia heart 2
A day in Bastia heart 5
Bastia to Porticciolo heart 9
Porticciolo to Canari heart 5
Canari to Saint Florent heart 10
Saint Florent to L'ile Rousse heart 17
L'Île-Rousse to Calvi heart 3
Calvi to Galeria heart 16
Galeria to Porto heart 11
A day in Porto heart 10
Porto to Cargese heart 22
Cargese to Ajaccio+ heart 5
+Updated within 1 day
Updated within 7 days