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We'll Follow the Sun

By Sue Price & Jim Price
1,156 km (718 miles) over 83 days since Nov. 1, 2018
Where to now? heart 6
Getting ready to go heart 9
Well, our bags are packed, we're ready to go.... heart 6
The Eagles Have Landed heart 11
Cycling in the sauna heart 3
The Best Laid Plans..... heart 5
Waiting...waiting...waiting heart 4
On With the Show This Is It! heart 18
Mirada, what a fun place! heart 8
A day full of ups and downs heart 14
Discretion is the better part of valour heart 18
Poking around on the Puuc part 1 heart 25
Poking around the Puuc Part 2 heart 37
Making our way to Campeche heart 22
A Day to Explore Campeche heart 28
On the Bikes in Campeche heart 31
Wrapping it up here in Campeche heart 26
December 12 heart 5
My oh Mayan! heart 39
Back to Palenque heart 12
On the Road Again heart 26
Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road heart 21
I can see for miles and miles heart 21
Flamingo Road heart 23
Uno mas por favor heart 27
Into every bike tour a little rain must fall heart 26
Another day in Merida heart 12
On to the painted city heart 19
To D or not to D heart 10
Feliz Navidad from Chichen Itza heart 11
Christmas Day heart 8
How slow can you go? heart 6
This Little Piggy heart 15
Last day in Valladolid heart 32
Carry on my wayward son heart 13
A Two-for heart 34
A New Year's Day to remember heart 39
Tootling to Tulum heart 18
Tulum heart 35
Moving day heart 13
Two days in Akumal heart 45
Another moving day heart 18
Well, it's not the Ritz heart 22
A windy moving day heart 8
Snorkel, rinse, repeat heart 13
To Infinity and Beyond! heart 9
The end of one journey and the beginning of another heart 12
In Cuba heart 5
An exciting change of pace heart 19
Losing ourselves in Havana heart 26
A short distance but a world away heart 21
We go off the charts heart 33
Well, hello granny! It's been a while! heart 10
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