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December 14, 2018

Back to Palenque

Last night we went for a little stroll about town before settling on a place for dinner.  Luckily, at the town square there was a little Christmas dance program just starting and we were privy to some petty darned cute little kids dancing to all sorts of Christmas music.  The first ones were so adorable, starting out to the Nutcracker and then moving on to some more Latin sounding Christmas tunes.  It was fun to enjoy this sweet family moment with the town of Palenque.

Seriously! How cute are these guys?????
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As well, we managed to find the Palenque letters, so bagged ourselves another town sign.

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We headed back to our room to get an early night in, only to be kept up by some more ambitious guests at the hotel.  Thankfully they didn't party on too late and we were asleep by 11, ready to head back the next morning.

A nice place to stay!
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As I mentioned, I figured out why google had sent us on such a circuitous route to Palenque and so today's drive back to Campeche was much quicker with better roads - those toll roads are sure nice!  I tried to get some pictures along the way, but Jim was using his lead foot to get us back in time to turn in the car, which we did with 20 minutes to spare! Checked back into our hotel, we have sorted through the gear, repacked everything and are ready and raring to get back on the bikes tomorrow morning (yes, Steve and Dodie, we will leave early!).  We are heading up to Celestun and have allowed a couple of days to accomplish this.  The weather is forcast to be a bit cooler than it has been, so we are hopeful that the next few days will be good ones to get us back into the cycling groove.  

Adios, Campeche!
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We sure hope to come back!
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