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Heading for a (Colourful) Fall

A big loop around, but mostly nowhere near, Lake Ontario

By Stephanie P.
2,591 km (1,609 miles) over 43 days between Sep. 12, 2016 and Oct. 24, 2016
What am I doing here? heart 4
Where am I going?: A complicated answer to a simple question heart 1
What am I bringing?: An overview, plus my secret weapon heart 1
What do I look like?: I know you're curious, so here are some photos of my recovery process heart 3


Mississauga to near Mono Cliffs PP: In honour of my first day, I wrote a bad haiku heart 0
Mono Cliffs PP to Wasaga Beach: Stronger than a butterfly heart 1
Wasaga to Honey Harbour: A deadline and a headwind heart 0
Rest Day: Enjoying Georgian Bay heart 2
Honey Harbour to past Washago: Day of forgetting heart 0
past Washago to Dorset: I can't even have a horrible day properly heart 1
Dorset to Algonquin West Gate: A bizarre offer heart 0
Non-Rest Days in Algonquin: From pedalling to paddling heart 0
Canoe Lake to Madawaska: Giving touring cyclists a bad name heart 0
Madawaska to Petawawa: Why do nice people insist on ruining my bad days? heart 0


Bienvenue au Quebec: Don't worry, this will only hurt a lot heart 0
Near Gracefield to Mont-Laurier: On the Trans-Canada, and I think I ran over a goldfish heart 0
Mont-Laurier to Riviere-Rouge: A nice day where nothing happened heart 0
Riviere-Rouge to Parc du Mont-Tremblant: The mythical cyclist heart 0
Rest days in Parc du Mont-Tremblant: Nice place to recover heart 0
Mont-Tremblant to Prevost: It's all downhill from here, oh, except for that uphill part heart 0
Prevost to Montreal: Sunday chaos heart 0
Rest days: Stuff homeless people say heart 0

New York

Montreal to Monty's Bay Campsite: Answering Life's Big Questions heart 0
Monty's Bay to Port Kent: The second last day of summer heart 0
Port Kent to Route 73: Yay, climbing again! heart 0
Campsite on 73 to Lake Placid: I still love climbing heart 0
Lake Placid to past Lake Clear: So many people heart 0
On to Long Lake: The last day of fall heart 0
Long Lake to Eagle Bay: The first day of winter heart 0
Eagle Bay to Rome: Today I found out they grill muffins in this weird country heart 0
Rome to Lock 21 to Syracuse: Two boring days condensed into one boring page heart 0
Syracuse to Ithaca: Back in my day, I had to bike 60 miles to Ithaca, uphill and into the wind heart 0
Ithaca to Mays Point: Into the tropics heart 0
Mays Point to Macedon: The first day of summer heart 0
Macedon to Holley: Two days along the canal and I'm not bored yet heart 0
Holley to Buffalo: New York was so sad I was leaving that it cried on me all day heart 0
Rest day in Buffalo: Is this the end? heart 0


Buffalo to Lincoln: Think outside the pannier heart 0
Lincoln to Paris: Winging It heart 0
Paris to Mississauga: A mixed day for my last day heart 1