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Sights Set On Morocco (Under A Hot Sun)

Until The Next Time I Come Into Your Barbershop Mr McCann.

By Sean Kane
9,773 km (6,069 miles) over 171 days between Jun. 23, 2014 and Dec. 10, 2014
The Possible Route heart 1
A Visit To The Barber heart 0
Gear heart 0
North heart 0
Title heart 0
Sean's Mighty Brainwave heart 1
NO CODIN: Journal Title Change. heart 0


The Road To Derry heart 0
Second Day To Derry heart 0
Stroke City heart 3
EU roads heart 2
Wild Atlantic Coast heart 0
Grand Day heart 3
In To Galway heart 0
The Burren heart 1
Long Way To Tipperary heart 0
To The Rock heart 2
Kilkenny And The Rest of The Way To Rosslare heart 1
Hills Are Nothing New, South Wales heart 0


Urban Cycling Doesn't Get Better heart 4
Wednesday: Bath to Stonehenge. heart 2
Thursday: Stonehenge to Portsmouth. heart 1


Sat 19 & Sun 20: Cherbourg to near Combourg. heart 0
Mon 21 to Wed 23: Combourg-Brittany to near Sainte Maure de Touraine-Loire Valley. heart 2
Thu 24 to Sat 26: Before Sainte Maure de Touraine to Nevers. heart 2
Wed 30 & Thur 31: Nevers to St Germain de Laval. heart 1
Fri 1 & Sat 2: St Germain de Laval to beyond Aubenas. heart 0
Late Sat The 2nd to Sat 9th: After Aubenas to Carcassonne. heart 4
Sun 10 & Mon 11: Carcassonne to near La Seu d Urgell (Spain). heart 3


Tuesday: Near Seu D Urgell to after Ponts. heart 3
Wednesday: After Ponts to after Mequinenza. heart 0
Thursday: Old Spain: After Mequinenza to Galgello. heart 1
Friday: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Galgelle to after Terual heart 1
Saturday: After Terual to camp in pine forest. heart 1
Sunday: Pine Forest to Bonville. heart 1
Monday: Bonville to Puente de Genave. heart 0
Tuesday: Puente de Genave to Olive Grove Camp 25km before Jaen. heart 2
Wednesday: Olive Grove Camp to 11 KM beyond Priego de Cordoba. heart 0
Thursday: Priego de Cordoba to near Alora heart 1
Friday: Alora to 3 km beyond Ronda. heart 1
Saturday: Ronda to Algeciras heart 0


Morocco heart 1
Sunday/ Going to Morocco: Ferry from Algeciras: Ceuta to Tangier. heart 2
Mon 25 to Fri 29: Tangier to Fes. heart 1
Time Out In Tourist Town heart 1
Monday / You Don't Know How Lucky You Are: Fes to Ifrane heart 0
Tuesday: Ifrane to tourist complex 25 KM before Midelt. heart 0
Wednesday: Tourist Complex 25 KM before Midelt to Jurassic 46 Km short of Ar Rachilda heart 0
Thursday: 46 Km before Ar Rachilda to Erfoud. heart 2
Monday / The Turnaround: Erfoud to the End of the Asphalt and Back. heart 0
Tuesday: Erfoud to Tinejdad. heart 0
Wednesday: Here's a Bit Like Patagonia What? The Wind But Nothing Else: Tinejdad to Bomalne. heart 0
Thursday / Easy Afternoon Of It: Boumalne to Skoura. heart 1
Man Friday For The Desert Highway: Skoura to Col Du Tincha (2200m). heart 0
Saturday: Col DuTincha (2200m) to Marrakech. heart 0
Feel A Little Sick And Sickened heart 0
Tuesday: Marrakesh to Stealth Camp. heart 0
Wednesday: Tagine Again: Shealth Camp to Beach Camp.. heart 0
Thursday: Beach Camp to Oualidia. heart 0
Friday: Oualidia to Camping in Sead's garden. heart 0
Saturday & Sunday: Overnighting in Casablanca: Rabat to Beach Resort near Kenitra. heart 0
Monday & Tuesday: Notes from last days in Morocco: Kenitra to Tangier. heart 1


Tuesday Evening & Wednesday: Tarifa to Cadiz. heart 0
The Beachboys & Beachgirls (Good Good Good Vib..): Time Off in Cadiz, Meeting People & Doing Lots of Cool Things on A Beach. heart 0
Another Day In Paradise heart 0
Shut Up Chance: Final day in Cadiz Blues and the road to Sevilla. heart 0
Out off The Fryingpan: Sevilla to Portuguese Border. heart 0


it Sucks (Thu 30, Fri 31 & Sat 01): Algarve heart 0
Change in Direction: Sagres to near Aljezur heart 0
Watching for Rain: near Aljezur to near Santiago do Cacem. heart 0
Thunderbolt And Lightening, Very Very Frightening: Wild Camp near Santiago do Cacem to Setubal (camping in a city park). heart 0
Lets See: Setubal to Lisbon heart 0
Out and About in Lisboa heart 0
My Head Hurts: Hungover Looking Out At The Rain in Lisbon. heart 0
Going Rain Or No: Lisbon to Sintra. heart 0
Finding A Minor Way: Sintra to near Peniche. heart 0
No Cycling: near Peniche to Leiria. heart 0
Waiting Out Rain: Wildcamp near Leiria to Residencia near Pombal. heart 0
Michelin's Road Outlined in Green Means Scenic Hey?: Residencia near Pombal to camping beneath Big Wurling Windturbine on Serra Lousia. heart 0
A Crisp Autumn Day: Serra Lousia to Olive Do Hospital heart 0
The Pilgrim: Olive Do Hospital to Trancoso. heart 0
Where's a Bus Shelter When Needed: Trancoso to Lamego. heart 0
Two Lost and Found: Return to Lamego and on via Vila Real. heart 0
Days Like These: Makeshift Fog Camp into Spain. heart 0


When The Sun Was Shining: Campsite after Verin to campsite at Cambeo. heart 0
El Pelligringo: Camino to Santiago heart 0
This Is The Place: Break In Santiago del Compostella. heart 0
All Stations Go: Santiago to near Palas de Rei. heart 0
Many Roads: Palas de Rei to near Luintra. heart 0
The Middle Road East: Luintra to Pobra de Trives heart 0
Martin The Man On The Box Without Divine Power To Fix The Weather: Pobra de Trives to near Ponferrada. heart 0
Up The Sil: near Ponferrada to Villablino. heart 0
Cold Mountain: Villablino to beyond Robla. heart 0
Dawn to Dusk: Vecilla to Camp in Small field by Stream. heart 0
Chilling Quite Literally: Campsite by stream down to near the coast. heart 0
The Final Day: Woodland Campsite to Santander. heart 0
When I'm Home Cold And Tired heart 0
Page Ninety-Eight: Dublin Port to Ravensdale then Home. heart 0
Time To Finish This heart 0