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Summer Tour 19, Heading north to Quebec City via Detroit and coming back south through NYC

By Mark Boyd
40 days between Jun. 11, 2019 and Jul. 20, 2019
Intro heart 2
What I'm carrying in my bags heart 6
Day1: Louisville to Mitchell IN heart 20
Day2: Mitchell to Bloomington IN heart 8
Day3: Bloomington to Indianapolis IN heart 13
Day4: Indianapolis to Kokomo IN heart 14
Day5: Komoko to Huntington IN heart 14
Day6: Huntington to Fort Wayne heart 14
Day7: Rain/Wind/Rest/Recovery Day heart 5
Day8: Getting to Defiance OH heart 20
Day9: Gmaps strikes again, Defiance to Maumee OH heart 7
Day10: A very varied Gmaps route gets me to Ann Arbor heart 4
Day11: 82 miles was too long heart 4
Day12: An easy day to Wallaceburg, ON heart 10
Day13: A long - 70 mi - but nice day on The Ontario Prairie heart 7
Day14: Countryside Motel to Woodstock heart 3
Day15-16-17: Rest Days in Woodstock heart 6
2nd and 3rd day in Woodstock heart 3
Day18: Getting out of Woodstock after Canada Day heart 7
Day20: Another short day but my pedal click is gone! heart 11
Day21: A long day with an expensive ending heart 10
Day22: A very nice riding day heart 4
Day23: A not so great riding day, but with a nice ending heart 2
Day24: In Watertown, going to urgent care heart 5
Day25: Feeling better heart 2
Day26: Back to Canada, great weather, and tail winds heart 2
Day27: Acts of kindness heart 5
Day28: Changing routing to avoid Montreal traffic heart 3
Day29: A short day to Malone with another act of kindness heart 2
Day30: Testing my body, riding to Rouses Point heart 6
Day31: Rest day in Rouses Point heart 5
Day32: the day that Summer tour19 ended heart 2