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Laos is More: The Minimalism Tour

By Fit Steve
1,905 km (1,183 miles) over 65 days between Jun. 29, 2023 and Sep. 1, 2023


Towards Minimalism heart 13
A Unifying Theory of Minimalism heart 4
Sudden Gym Closure heart 0

Trip Planning

The Minimalist Packing List heart 2
How The Trip Planned Itself heart 3
Planning for the Pre-Trip: Macao and Hong Kong heart 2
Deciding on a Currency Standard heart 3

Final Preparations

Garmin Calibration and Bike Modification Ride heart 4
Shakedown Ride 1 heart 4
Shakedown Ride 2 heart 0

The Pre-Trip

Day P1: Taking the Train to Train heart 5
Day P2: Borderline Insanity heart 0
Days P3-4: Macau for the Wynn heart 2
Day P5: Accounting for PTSD heart 2
Day P6: What's With This Luck? heart 6

Laos is More

Systems Evaluation heart 1
Day L1: Finding My Feet on the Ground heart 6
Day 1 Bike: Calmed By Carlsberg heart 3
Day 2 Bike: Digital Detox heart 6
Day L2: We Go Tubing heart 0
Day 3 Bike: Vang Vieng to Kasi Hotspring Resort heart 2
Day L3: What the Truck heart 6
Day 4 Bike: Discombobulated heart 1
Day 5 Bike: Fueled by Local Reactions heart 17
Day 6 Bike: Land of Smiles heart 11
Day 7 Bike: Over the Hills heart 26
Day 8 Bike: Homecoming heart 23
Day 9 Bike: Pushing for a Rest heart 12
Day L4: Playing Catchup by the Pool heart 7
Day 10 Bike: Rolling On heart 6
Day 11 Bike: Put the Hammer Down heart 0
Day 12 Bike: The Shift heart 2

Covid Catchup

Days C1-2: Time Off the Bike heart 0
Days C3-6: More Time Off the Bike heart 0
Day 13 Bike: To Pattaya heart 0
Day C7: What a Mess heart 0
Day 14 Bike: Runaround on Wheels heart 0
Day C8: Did All I Could, Time to Bounce heart 0
Day C9: Brain Training heart 1
Day C10: Fitness Training heart 0
Planning: Logistics Get Complicated heart 0
Day C11: Bike Success, Bank Fail heart 0
Day C12: Bike Transfer heart 0
Day C13: Regrouping Back to Pattaya heart 0
Day C14: Head Bangers heart 0
Plan Modified, Final Week heart 0
Day C15: Taking Back Control of The Unit heart 0
Day C16: The Cleaners heart 1
To Sell or Not to Sell heart 1
Day C17: Saying Goodbye heart 0
Day C18: Account Opening Success! heart 1
The Pattaya Dream Still Very Much Alive heart 0
Day C19: Bank Called Me Back heart 0

Finishing it Off

Shopping and Chatting heart 0
Last Minute Rush Out heart 0
Welcome to Bike Unfriendly Hong Kong heart 1
Checkpoint Chess: The Train Ride Back heart 0
Unpacking? What Unpacking? heart 0
Laosting Impressions heart 1
Generating Ideas to Cut Social Media heart 0

Parallel Journey: Offloading the Insurance

Part 1: The Shock heart 2
Part 2: The Surrender heart 1
Part 3: Cash Out heart 2
Wealth Management Plan 2.0 heart 0