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9 1/2 Weeks

.... A Memoir of a Love Affair

By Lyle McLeod
3,186 km (1,979 miles) over 57 days since Sep. 18, 2019

K & L chase the sun south from Malmo to Lecce

What's this 9 1/2 weeks stuff all about? heart 15
Date Night heart 57
Reloading and Relaxing heart 73
Day Tripping to Nimis and Kullens heart 88

The Biking Begins

Denmark & Germany

Cykel er Konge heart 60
And Then Njord Spoke heart 99
I Picked the Wrong Week To Quit Smoking heart 102
Our Duke of Edinburgh Award Adventure heart 85
Lunch Bucket Day heart 48
Regrets, I've Had a Few ..... heart 58
Do What You Want To, Do What You Will ... heart 68
Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down That Wall ... heart 112
And The Wind Cried Mary ... heart 28
A Pareto Day heart 49

Czech Republic

Riding with Clark heart 76
Our Hundred Foot Journey heart 69
Prague Ramblings heart 142
Groundhog Day - The Bill Murray Edition heart 96
We Almost Caught The Sun ... Try again Tomorrow heart 33

Germany (again) and Austria

Dinner ... Out There heart 34
This Place is Hoppin heart 25
The Slow Drip heart 20
How About A Little S&M? heart 32
It's a Beautiful Day heart 60


Bellissimo! heart 31
Riding the Old Rails heart 52
Lazy Afternoon heart 24
Who Doesn't Like Tuesday? heart 57
Cruising with Ruben and the Jets heart 58
Gone Fishin' heart 65
Mid Term Break heart 36
Paradisio heart 65
You Can’t Put a Price on Experiences heart 29
Resistance is Futile heart 27
Holy Apes#%t Appennine Batman! heart 56
Finding Faith heart 48
Would Be Fine on a Fixie heart 68
Timeless heart 19
Tuscany With Less Intensity heart 44
So Long to the Tuscan Hills ...Say Hello to Lazio's heart 40
The Lakes Are Beautiful - So We've Been Told heart 33
Cryptic heart 67
Trying to Look Local heart 51
Who Let The Dogs Out heart 52
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly heart 47
The Ultimate Stumble Upon heart 68
Troglodytes - Cave Man, Cave Woman heart 58
Private Dancer heart 64
Gone Local heart 50
Yours Trulli heart 51
Side trip to Stuttgart heart 42
Looking For Safe Harbour+ heart 18
A Grand Day Out+ heart 8
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