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Revisiting the Trip of a Lifetime

More or less a trip from Beijing to Haikou

By Marian Rosenberg
3,659 km (2,272 miles) over 83 days since Aug. 27, 2018


2008 heart 4
2009 heart 4
2011 heart 3
2012 heart 4
2012-now heart 2
Planning this trip heart 2


How I Plan to Spend My Week heart 3
Shopping heart 2
My Girl Kaylee heart 1
Packing heart 3
Medical Preparations heart 4
Well, That Was Unexpected heart 3

Weekend in Beijing

Friday heart 1
Saturday heart 0
Sunday heart 0

The Trip (Part 1) Beijing and Hebei

D1: Downtown Beijing to Doudian Town 北京市→窦店镇 heart 5
D2: Doudian Town to Yi County 窦店镇 → 易县 heart 17
D3: Yi County to Nanhancun Town 易县 → 南韩村镇 heart 17
D4: Nanhancun Town to Anguo City 南韩村镇→安国市 heart 2
D5/W1: Anguo City 安国市 heart 5
D6: Anguo City to Zhangduangu Town 安国市 → 张段固镇 heart 14
D7: Zhangduangu Town to Zhao County 张段固镇 → 赵县 heart 2
D8: Zhao County to Gaoyi County 赵县 → 高邑县 heart 0

Interlude 1 / Rosh Hashana & Stuff

I1-1: Gaoyi County to Shijiazhuang City 高邑县→石家庄市 heart 1
I1-2: Shijiazhuang 石家庄 heart 0
I1-3: Shijiazhuang to Zhengding and back 石家庄⮌正定 heart 1
I1-4: Shijiazhuang to Beijing 石家庄 → 北京 heart 1
I1-5: Beijing 北京 heart 0
I1-6: Beijing 北京 heart 0
I1-7: Beijing 北京 heart 0
I1-8: Beijing to Gaoyi 北京市→高邑县 heart 0

The Trip (Part 2) Hebei and Shanxi

D9: Gaoyi to Zhangmo 高邑县→獐獏乡 heart 1
D10: Zhangmo to Jiangjunmu 獐獏乡 → 将军墓镇 heart 1
D11/W2: Jiangjunmu 将军墓镇 heart 1
D12: Jiangjunmu to Bai'an 将军墓镇 → 白岸乡 heart 1
The Police heart 3
D13/H1: Bai'an to Zuoquan 白岸乡 → 左权县 heart 0
D14/W3/R1: Zuoquan County 左权县 heart 0

Interlude 2 / Yom Kippur

I2-1 Zuoquan to Beijing 左权县 → 北京市 heart 1
I2-2 Beijing 北京 heart 2
I2-3 Beijing to Zuoquan 北京市 → 左权县 heart 0

The Trip (Part 3) Shanxi

D15: Zuoquan to Yunzhu 左权县 → 云竹镇 heart 0
D16: Yunzhu to Laiyuan 云竹镇 → 来远镇 heart 1
D17: Laiyuan to Qi County 来远镇 → 祁县 heart 0
D18: Qi County to Xiaoyi 祁县 → 孝义市 heart 0
D19: Xiaoyi to Xixinzhuang 孝义市 → 西辛庄镇 heart 0
The Police heart 0
D20/B1: Xixinzhuang to Jiaokou 西辛庄镇 → 交口县 heart 1
D21: Jiaokou to Shilou 交口县→石楼县 heart 0
D22/W4/R2: Shilou 石楼县 heart 0
D23: Shilou to Shilou 石楼县→石楼县 heart 1
D24: Shilou to Gaojiecun 石楼县 → 高杰村镇 heart 0

Interlude 3 / The Broken Axle

I3-1: Gaojiecun to Suide 高杰村镇→绥德县 heart 0
I3-2/W5: Suide 绥德县 heart 1
I3-3/W6: Suide 绥德县 heart 0

The Trip (Part 4) Shaanxi & Inner Mongolia

D25: Suide to Zichang 绥德县→子长县 heart 0
D26: Zichang to Shiwan 子长县→石湾镇 heart 1
D27: Shiwan to Yangqiaopan 石湾镇→杨桥畔镇 heart 1
D28: Yangqiaopan to Jingbian 杨桥畔镇→靖边县 heart 1
D29: Jingbian to Wudinghe 靖边县 → 无定河镇 heart 1
Language Lesson heart 1
D30: Wudinghe to Chengchuan 无定河镇 → 城川镇 heart 2
D31: Chengchuan to Dingbian 城川镇→ 定边县 heart 2
D32/R3/W7: Dingbian 定边 heart 2

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

D33: Dingbian to Yanchi 定边县→盐池县 heart 1
The Police heart 2
D34: Yanchi to Fengjigou 盐池县→冯记沟乡 heart 2
D35: Fengjigou to Liuquan 冯记沟乡→柳泉乡 heart 2
D36: Liuquan to Zhongning 柳泉乡→中宁县 heart 2
D37: Zhongning to Taoshan 中宁县 → 桃山村 heart 2
D38: Taoshan to Xingren 桃山村→兴仁镇 heart 1
D39: Xingren to Dongpu 兴仁镇→董堡村 heart 0
D40: Dongpu to Haiyuan 董堡村→海原县 heart 1
D41: Haiyuan to Heicheng 海原县→黑城镇 heart 0
D42: Heicheng to Touying 黑城镇 →头营镇 heart 1
D43/W8/R4: Touying 头营镇 heart 1
D44: Touying to Liupanshan 头营镇→六盘山镇 heart 1

I've Been Here Before

D45: Liupanshan to Huating 六盘山镇→华亭县 heart 1
D46: Huating to Handian 华亭县 → 韩店镇 heart 1
D47: Handian to Lianhua 韩店镇→莲花镇 heart 0
D48: Lianhua to Qin'an 莲花镇→秦安县 heart 0
D49: Qin'an to Zaojiao 秦安县→皂郊镇 heart 0
The Police heart 0
D50: Tianshui to Yanguan 天水市→盐官镇 heart 0
D51: Yanguan to Longlin 盐官镇→龙林镇 heart 1
The Police heart 1
D52: Longlin to Daqiao 龙林镇→大桥镇 heart 0
D53: Daqiao to Wangguan 大桥镇 →望关镇 heart 0
D54: Wangguan to Longnan 望关镇→陇南市 heart 1
D55: Longnan to Sanhe 陇南市→三河镇 heart 0
D56: Sanhe to Pipa 三河镇→琵琶镇 heart 0
D57/R5/W9: Pipa 琵琶镇 heart 1
D58: Pipa to Yaodu 琵琶镇→姚渡镇 heart 1


D59: Yaodu to Muyu 姚渡镇→木鱼镇 heart 2
D60: Muyu to Haoxi 木鱼镇→蒿溪回族乡 heart 0
D61: Haoxi to Zhuyuan 蒿溪回族乡→竹园镇 heart 0
D62: Zhuyuan to Qinglinkou 竹园镇→青林口古镇 heart 0
D63: Qinglinkou to Jiangyou 青林口古镇→江油市 heart 0
D64: Jiangyou to Qushan 江油市→曲山镇+ heart 0
Beichuan Earthquake Ruins Memorial Park+ heart 1
D67/W10: Luoshui 洛水镇 heart 0
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