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I Don't Have A Fatty Liver 389
Insert Witty Title Here 137
A China Coddiwomple 391
Me China Red 342
China Blues 213
Oh Hai 474
Revisiting the Trip of a Lifetime 197
Tetchy Days in Vietnam 214
海口→海口 Around the Island 4
儋州→海口 Danzhou to Haikou 1
石家庄→北京 Shijiazhuang to Beijing 7
石家庄→正定→石家庄 Shijiazhuang to Zhengding and back 31


I'm an American living on Hainan Island in southern China where I work as a translator. 

Because my work nicely lends itself to being a "digital nomad", I've managed to have 7 major cycle tours (Haikou to Beijing, Beijing to Haikou, Haikou to Kunming, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, Shanghai to Shenzhen, Shanghai to Chongqing, Haikou to Vietnam to Haikou) and 10 non-cycling trips (US, US, China, Australia, US, Thailand, US, France, US and US) longer than one month over the past 10 years.

I used to be a fairly popular writer over on 'that other bicycle touring website' but I left, or was kicked out, or something.

I'm 37 years old as of writing this introduction (Summer 2018), chronically incapable to getting photos uploaded to journals the same year as the trip, talkative, friendly, annoying, pushy, and--above all--very very American. 

I'm happy to help anyone who wants to bike tour in China and welcome everyone who wants to ride with me. If you aren't too hard core, you might even be able to convince me to plan to come ride with you....