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Northwest passages: riding out the storm

Marking time in The Pacific Northwest

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
170 days between Feb. 14, 2020 and Aug. 1, 2020

While we wait

Valentines Day heart 43
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest: Group 5 heart 108
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest: Group 5-1/4 heart 29
Chinook Landing heart 40
Sauvie Island heart 32
Part I of Part II: The Texas Hill Country heart 9
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest: group 6 heart 52
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, group 7 heart 57
Packing the Bike Fridays heart 16
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, group 8 heart 51
Part II of Part II: Recrossing Utah heart 7
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, Group 9 heart 50
Part III of Part II: from Utah to Albuquerque heart 10
International Women’s Day heart 14
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, group 9.5 heart 70
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, group 10 heart 42
Rebranding heart 21
Powell Butte heart 22
French Prairie heart 59
Preparing to break camp heart 54
Down Front Street heart 57
Rocky returns heart 72
Vernonia Lake heart 48
Back in our primes again heart 27

John Day

Arrival heart 62
Through the National Monument heart 61
In Dreamland heart 45
Picture Gorge heart 56
In Dayville heart 11
Cooling our Heals heart 65
Detroit to Baker, 1982 heart 14
Still hoofing it heart 76
John Day: the town heart 56
Circling the airport heart 45
Prairie Summit Road heart 83
Prairie Summit Road: the next eight miles heart 54
Up the Silvies River heart 82
Beech Creek heart 62
Down the Silvies River heart 61
Prairie City heart 60
Pine Creek heart 24
Walking Picture Gorge heart 44
Canyon Creek heart 37
Monument heart 68
Down to Galena heart 54
Rock Creek heart 50
Bear and Indian Creeks heart 48
A referral to the wound nurse heart 13
Up to Galena heart 51
Rained out heart 19
Through the National Monument again heart 47
Long Creek heart 40
The Conestoga Wagon Ride heart 62
Summit Prairie Summit heart 46
Fox Valley heart 54
The South Fork heart 51
Leaving John Day heart 19

The Palouse

Arrival / The Albion loop heart 54
A Pullman walkabout heart 61
Troy Summit heart 66
The Viola-Palouse Loop heart 101
Almota Road heart 62
Let It All Fall Down heart 4
The Colfax-Garfield loop heart 87
The Allergy Ride: from Dusty to Hay heart 74
Saint John heart 62
Up the Panhandle heart 57
Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes: the west end heart 86
Tekoa heart 80
Rage Against the Machine heart 69
Steptoe Butte heart 143
Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes: the miles in the middle heart 67
Biking my age in miles: 73 heart 60
A cry in the night heart 21
The Rockford file heart 70
The Harrison & Medimont loops heart 57
Heyburn State Park heart 73
The Tekoa-Garfield loop heart 73
The Centennial Trail heart 50
Breaking Loess heart 6
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest: Group 11 heart 80
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest: Group 12 heart 49
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest: Group 12, continued heart 32
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, Group 13 heart 57
Silverton, Corvallis, and Thessaloniki heart 44
The Kings Valley loop heart 80
The Sand Ridge loop heart 75
The Little Muddy Creek loop heart 61
The Jefferson Ride heart 48
The Sweet Home Ride heart 100
The Harrisburg loop heart 77
The Albany loop heart 68
That Old Feeling heart 20
The Crabtree-Waterloo loop heart 73
Couriers heart 64
Covered bridges & the Grumbys heart 116
The Halsey loop heart 59
Tampico Road heart 45
Finley NWR heart 61
The Bellfountain loop heart 44
The Monroe loop heart 53
Tennessee Road heart 36
Boston Mills again heart 74
Like a Bird on the Wire heart 51
Decker Ridge heart 71
Chip Ross Park heart 110
Lewisburg Saddle heart 62
The Harris Covered Bridge heart 61
Moving on heart 32


Birch Bay heart 72
Lynden heart 66
Edison heart 68
Sedro-Woolley heart 48
The Everson loop heart 42
The Anniversary Ride heart 59
Semiahmoo heart 57
Whatcom Falls Park heart 41
Acme heart 40
The Skagit Delta heart 76
South Skagit Highway heart 52
Silver Lake heart 56
Lummi Peninsula heart 59
Some quick takes heart 49
Team Anderson makes a decision heart 58
Sehmiahmoo again, and Anacortes heart 56
South of the Skagit, North of Lake Whatcom heart 76
Borderlands heart 49
Deception Pass heart 49
Bellingham Bonus Ride #1: Lummi Peninsula heart 42
Bellingham Bonus Ride #2: Edison to Sedro Woolley heart 61