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Grampies Go On Their Knees Spring 2017

A Quest for Relics, Saints, and Miracles in Southern Europe

By Steve Miller/Grampies
4,271 km (2,652 miles) over 73 days between Mar. 22, 2017 and Jun. 2, 2017
Introduction heart 1
The Way of St. James heart 1
Grampies go on their knees? heart 1
The Plan heart 1
The Scramble heart 1
The (One and Only?) Way heart 1
Mapping 'Till Our Eyes Cross heart 1
Thinking About Camping heart 1
You Have My Vote heart 1
Our First "Buon Camino" heart 1
The Rocking Chair heart 1
Last Minute Tech Frenzy heart 1
Montreal: Pre-pilgrimage stop at Notre Dame (de Montreal) heart 1
Montreal: A day of small triumphs heart 1
Montreal to Paris heart 1
Paris: Summertime! heart 1
Notre Dame de Paris: The pilgrimage begins heart 1
Stage One: Paris to Lyon: The Way of St. Martin (first part) on Eurovelo 6 heart 1
Day One: Paris to Rambouillet heart 2
Day Two: Rambouillet to Chartres: Following Chemin St Jacques through stone towns to an ancient cathedral heart 2
Day Three: Chartres to Huetre (near Orleans): Adopted by a lovely family heart 2
Day Four: Orleans to Jargeau heart 2
Day Five: Jargeau to Gien heart 2
Day Six: Gien to Belleville: An eleven euro bath heart 2
Day Seven: Belleville to La Charite: A fine Benedictine monastery heart 2
Day Eight: La Charite to Nevers heart 1
Day Nine: Nevers to Vitry Sur Loire: A Lucky Find heart 2
Day Ten: Vitry to Paray le Monial: Caterpillar Train and Fish Balls heart 1
Day Eleven: Paray to Suin (on the way to Cluny): Where's the Beef? heart 1
Day Twelve: Suin to Cluny: Down from the Hills heart 1
Day Thirteen: Cluny to Macon to Lyon: Punt! heart 1
Stage Two: Lyon to Arles: on the Via Rhona heart 1
Day Fourteen: Lyon to Valence: Some very welcoming people heart 1
Day Fifteen: Valence to Rochemaure heart 1
Day Sixteen: Rochemaure to Bourg Saint Andeol: Nougat Central! heart 1
Day Seventeen: Bourg St Andeol to Roquemaure: Lavender and other perfumes heart 0
Day Eighteen: Roquemaure to Avignon to Arles: Sur le Pont, ou non. heart 1
Day Nineteen: Arles: The heart of Provence the edge of the Camargue heart 1
Stage Three: Arles to St. Jean Pied-de-Port: The Voie d'Arles on the Canal du Midi heart 1
Day Twenty: Arles to St. Gilles: Yes, the horses are here. heart 1
Day Twenty One: St. Gilles to Les Saintes Maries de la Mer heart 0
Day Twenty Two: Les Saintes Maries de la Mer to Aigue Mortes and Le Gruau du Roi heart 1
Day Twenty Three: Le Grau du Roi to Sete heart 1
Day Twenty Four: Sete to Beziers: Goodbye Mediterranean Hello Canal du Midi heart 1
Day Twenty Five: Beziers to Colombier: It's A Trap! heart 1
Day Twenty Six: Colombiers to Le Somail: Let Them Eat Olives heart 1
Day Twenty Seven: Le Somail to Carcassonne: Storming to the Castle heart 1
Day Twenty Eight: Carcassonne to Castelnaudry: Storming the Castle heart 2
Day Twenty Nine: Castelnaudry to Toulouse: Happy Birthday Amelia: Six Years Old! heart 1
Day Thirty: Toulouse to Lourdes: Miracle Train heart 1
Day Thirty One: Lourdes to Bayonne: Message of Compassion heart 1
Day Thirty Two: Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port heart 1
Stage Four: St. Jean Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostella: The Way of St. James - Camino Frances heart 1
Day Thirty Three: St. Jean Pied de Port to Espinal: Grampies Use Napoleon Route, Invade Spain heart 1
Day Thirty Four: Espinal to Pamplona: The Rain in Spain... heart 1
Day Thirty Five: Pamplona to Cirauqui heart 1
Day Thirty Six: Cirauqui to Torres del Rio: Bait and Switch? heart 1
Day Thirty Seven: Torres del Rio to Navarette: Mainly in the Plain heart 1
Day Thirty Eight: Navarrete to Santo Domingo de la Calzada: Why did the chicken go to church? heart 1
Day Thirty Nine: Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Villafranca Montes de Oca heart 1
Day Forty: Villafranca Montes de Oka to Burgos heart 1
Day Forty One: Burgos to Carrion de Los Condes heart 1
Day Forty Two: Carrion de Los Condes to Bercianos Real Camino: The gloves come off heart 1
Day Forty Three: Bercianos Del Real Camino to Leon heart 1
Day Forty Four: Leon to Astorga: An unexpected low point. heart 2
Day Forty Five: Astorga: Holed Up heart 1
Day Forty Six: Astorga to El Acebo: Unexpected emotion heart 5
Day Forty Seven: El Acebo to Vega de Valcarce: Sleeping under a bridge heart 4
Day Forty Eight: Vega de Valcarce to Fonfria: Oh, Cebreiro! heart 4
Day Forty Nine: Fonfria to Sarria heart 1
Day Fifty: Sarria to Palas de Rei: A Very Tough Day heart 1
Day Fifty One: Palas de Rei to O Pedrouzo heart 1
Day Fifty Two: O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostella: The Festival of Friends heart 3
Day Fifty Three:Santiago de Compostella: HEY EVERYONE, TRIP IS ONLY 1/2 DONE! heart 1
Stage Five: Irun to Nantes: The Velodyssee (Eurovelo 1) heart 1
Day Fifty Four: Irun to St. Jean de Luz: Happy Birthday Laurie! heart 1
Day Fifty Five: St. Jean de Luz to Biarritz to Labenne-Ocean heart 2
Day Fifty Six: Labenne-Ocean to Leon heart 2
Day Fifty Seven: Leon to Gastes heart 1
Day Fifty Eight: Gastes to La Teste de Buch heart 1
Day Fifty Nine: La Teste to Lacanau Ocean heart 2
Day Sixty: Lacanau Ocean to Soulac sur Mer heart 3
Day Sixty One: Soulac to Marenne heart 2
Day Sixty Two: Marenne to Rochfort heart 1
Day Sixty Three: Rochfort to Marans: Super U! heart 1
Day Sixty Four: Marans to Saint Vincent Sur Jard heart 1
Day Sixty Five: St Vincent sur Jard to Bretignolles Sur Mer heart 1
Day Sixty Six: Bretignolles Sur Mer to La Barre de Monts heart 2
Day Sixty Seven: Noirmoutier heart 2
Day Sixty Eight: La Barre de Mont to Pornic heart 1
Day Sixty Nine: Pornic to Le Pellerin heart 1
Stage Six: Nantes to Tours: The Way of St. Martin on La Loire a Velo heart 1
Day Seventy: Le Pellerin to Ancenis heart 1
Day Seventy One: Ancenis to Angers heart 3
Day Seventy Two: Angers to Saumur heart 1
Day Seventy Three: Saumur to Villandry heart 2
Day Seventy Four: Villandry to Tours to Angers to Montreuil-Juigne: About Face! heart 2
Stage Seven: Tours to Paris: A Bonus Look at Normandy heart 1
Day Seventy Five: Montreuil Juigne to Neuville: Life is a Branch of Cherries heart 3
Day Seventy Six: Neuville to Mayenne: Living Like Royalty heart 2
Day Seventy Seven: Mayenne to Domfront heart 4
Day Seventy Eight: Domfront to Clecy heart 12
Day Seventy Nine: Clecy to Ouistreham heart 3
Day Eighty: Ouistreham to Bayeux heart 5
Day Eighty One: Bayeux to Ouistreham heart 7
Day Eighty Two: Ouistreham to Lisieux heart 3
Day Eighty Three: Lisieux to Bray heart 1
Day Eighty Four: Bray to Pacy sur Eure heart 4
Day Eighty Five: Pacy sur Eure to Giverny, Bec Hellouin, and back: Monet! heart 3
Day Eighty Six: Pacy sur Eure to Maisons Laffitte heart 2
Day Eighty Seven: Maisons Laffitte heart 2
Day Eighty Eight: Paris heart 4
Day Eighty Nine: Montreal heart 2
A Little More from Montreal heart 1
Final Thoughts on "On Their Knees" heart 1
The Hit Counts heart 1
How Much per Scoop/Boule/Kugel??: Grampies to go Lochside (Again) heart 1