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July 3, 2017

How Much per Scoop/Boule/Kugel??: Grampies to go Lochside (Again)

We are back on our home island. We are certainly able to appreciate its charms - beaches, forests, islands in the Juan da Fuca strait, and the local custom of hanging huge baskets of colourful annuals.

Vancouver Island can be picturesque
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And people here like to hang large baskets of flowers.
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On the other hand we also see all the more clearly the suburban sprawl, busy roads, lack of bicycle ways or lanes, franchise fast food joints, etc. etc.

But among all these pluses and minuses there is one that stands out for special consideration - the price of ice cream. Second only to pastries, ice cream is the primo fuel of cyclists (at least these cyclists), not to mention general tourists. (Ok, sure, Jeff Arnim, there is also pizza).
In France we were quite distressed to see the price of a "boule" of ice cream reaching as high as 2.5 euros. ($3.70 Canadian). That is really insane, we thought, given that we remembered the German price as 1 to 1.2 euros. On the guestbook, we were assured that the Germans are still holding that line.

So here we are, returned to a land of famous plenty, and we find the price of a scoop of ice cream at $5.25! ($5.74 if you want "gluten free", whatever that means in an ice cream). On top of that you get 13% tax, so truly that scoop is a whopping $5.93. Could it be true? Clearly more research is needed. We will put that high on the agenda of our upcoming small tour on the island.

But hey, these ice cream prices are crazy!
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Which brings us to: Grampies Go Lochside (Again). It's another mini tour up the east side of southern Vancouver Island, this time with not one, not two, but three grandchildren 6 and under. It starts next week. Watch out for it!

Baking three grandkids on the beach to to toughen them up for the big bike trip.
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