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The woman who sat on the toilet too long (and other odd American tales)

A journey of oddities from coast to coast

By Leo Woodland
6,134 km (3,809 miles) over 102 days between Apr. 29, 2014 and Aug. 8, 2014
Pour mes cops francais... heart 0
My shameful past - read all about it! heart 5
Lessons from Mark Twain heart 4
Not all Americans ride horses heart 3
Heading your way? heart 1
Washington heart 7
Maryland heart 3
Silver Springs to Calico Rocks heart 4
Calico Rocks to Cumberland Valley heart 3
Cumberland Valley to Hancock heart 1
Hancock to Paw-Paw heart 7
Pennsylvania heart 2
Paw-Paw to Avalon heart 1
Avalon to Frostburg heart 3
Frostburg to Confluence heart 5
Confluence to West Dravo heart 7
Buena Vista heart 2
West Dravo to Steubenville heart 7
"To the memory of brothers and sisters lost" heart 0
Steubenville to nowhere in particular heart 4
Nowhere in particular to West Lafeyette heart 0
West Lafayette to Newark heart 2
Columbus, Ohio heart 0
Newark to London heart 3
London to Dayton heart 5
Indiana heart 0
Dayton to Dublin, Indiana heart 5
Dublin to Indianapolis heart 0
Indianapolis to Greencastle heart 2
Greencastle to Casey, Illinois heart 4
The woman who sat on the toilet too long heart 2
Casey to Vandalia heart 1
Vandalia to Lebanon heart 2
Lebanon to St Louis, Missouri heart 4
St Louis heart 2
St Louis to Lonedell heart 1
Lonedell to Bluffton heart 6
American signs heart 7
Bluffton to Russellville heart 8
Russellville to Stover heart 4
Stover to Clinton heart 2
Clinton to Osawatomie, Kansas heart 3
Kansas heart 0
Osawatomie to Iola heart 0
Iola to Eureka heart 0
Eureka to Newton heart 6
Newton heart 1
James and Heather's tale heart 1
Newton to Hutchinson heart 1
Hutchinson to Larned heart 2
Larned to Alexander heart 6
Finally... heart 1
Alexander to Dighton heart 2
Dighton to Tribune heart 0
Tribune to Eads, Colorado heart 2
If these stones a tale could tell heart 1
Eads to Arlington heart 0
Arlington to Pueblo heart 2
Pueblo to Canon City heart 1
Little things about America heart 2
Canon City to Swissvale heart 1
Swissvale to Villa Grove heart 2
The bat cave heart 0
Villa Grove to South Fork heart 4
South Fork to Pagosa Springs heart 0
Pagosa Springs to Bayfield heart 5
Bayfield to Dolores heart 1
Monument Valley heart 6
Dolores to Dove Creek heart 0
Only in America - 1 heart 1
Only in America - 2 heart 2
Dove Creek to Blanding, Utah heart 2
Blanding to Hite heart 2
Hanksville to Capitol Reef heart 6
Capitol Reef to halfway up a mountain heart 2
Halfway up the mountain to Escalente heart 3
Signs of despair heart 0
Escalente to Tropic heart 0
Tropic to Bryce Canyon heart 2
Bryce Canyon to Panguitch heart 1
Backroads America heart 0
Panguitch to Beaver heart 1
Beaver to Wah-Wah heart 3
Wah-Wah to Baker, Nevada heart 5
Nevada heart 1
Baker to Ely heart 4
Ely to Eureka heart 2
Eureka to Austin heart 1
Strange tales from Austin heart 1
Austin to Middlegate heart 5
Middlegate to Fallon heart 3
Fallon to Dayton heart 2
Dayton to Carson Pass, California heart 1
Carson Pass to Cook's Station heart 3
Carson Pass heart 0
I wonder... heart 2
Cook's Station to Wilton heart 4
Wilton to Vacaville heart 8
Of postmen, trains and masked men up to no good heart 1
Vacaville to San Francisco heart 12