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July 18, 2014

I wonder...

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...why so many markings on the road for maintenance crews have the letters "USA" in large capitals

...who has the highest street number in America. It's quite something if an address in Europe gets beyond 300. But here, they get into the tens of thousands, helped by the number jumping a hundred at every road junction. So who has the country's highest number? And where?

...why there are so many police forces. There are police cars from the county police, others that advertise state troopers, some that say Highway Patrol, others that have armed rangers. Counties are only tiny. Wouldn't it be better to have just a state police force?

Thinking of which, why do American police cars never have hub caps?

...why prices in shops are never what you pay at the till. Why don't they just list the price with tax, like everyone else? Wouldn't it be easier?

...why Americans feel the need, the moment they've pitched their tent, to set fire to something

...why Americans eat with only one hand when, so far as I know, nobody else does. And why they pronounce the last letter of the alphabet as zee when everywhere outside North America says zed

...why there are time-zone changes in the middle of nowhere when it would be simpler to have an entire state on the same time

...why the shield is so strong in American culture. Interstate numbers are on shields, policemen wear shields and any self-respecting company suggesting integrity and security includes a shield in its logo

...why so many American businesses include the word Liberty in their title. How long has it been, compared to most other countries, since American liberty was threatened?

...why my packet of wax ear plugs needs to include the instruction "Do not put the wrapping in your ear"

...why American joggers run with their hands beside their chest when everyone else I've seen keeps them by their hips. This, of course, is the most important one of all

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