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Title Ratings
Smiling Sri Lanka 320
A country hidden by a large dog 367
Five days in July 43
Pottering round Poitiers - in the rain 44
Vietnamania 38
All this way to see a naked woman 48
A brush with death row 0
The woman who sat on the toilet too long (and other odd American tales) 246
South America: a first time for everything 86
North to the Loire, monsieur... and home again 2
Say hi to the elephants, and hope the weather improves 39
When we were two little boys 93
In Céventh Heaven 5
Have this woman washed and brought to my tent 94
The Great North American Sticky Bun Hunt 340
Digging Deep in south-west France 4
Across France to the world's biggest bike rally 4
I fail to be Joy's toy-boy 7
Sir Richard Branson: a policy statement 47
Jimmy Carter thinks I'm a sinner 45
Mid-winter across Europe 7
How to avoid a mother-in-law 73
Halfway (not intentionally) across America 21
Across America - 70 years ago 5



I'm Léo - or Leo if you don't have dinky accents on your keyboard - and I live about halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse in south-west France.

I have six bicycles and one wife. Steph and I are both French and British and we've been cycle-touring for yonks: more than 30 years for Steph and nearly 60 for me. Steph has ridden on all the ice-free continents but I haven't yet ridden in Australia (although I know it's there for future reference).

I hope you get as much fun out of these journals as we did out of the riding. If I can help, advise, discourage, and above all if you wish to send money, please get in touch.

happy days