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Title Ratings
Smiling Sri Lanka 320
A country hidden by a large dog 367
Five days in July 43
Pottering round Poitiers - in the rain 44
Vietnamania 230
All this way to see a naked woman 134
A brush with death row 18
The woman who sat on the toilet too long (and other odd American tales) 246
South America: a first time for everything 86
North to the Loire, monsieur... and home again 15
Say hi to the elephants, and hope the weather improves 147
When we were two little boys 94
In Céventh Heaven 18
Have this woman washed and brought to my tent 94
The Great North American Sticky Bun Hunt 340
Digging Deep in south-west France 4
Across France to the world's biggest bike rally 16
I fail to be Joy's toy-boy 17
Sir Richard Branson: a policy statement 47
Jimmy Carter thinks I'm a sinner 104
Mid-winter across Europe 28
How to avoid a mother-in-law 84
Halfway (not intentionally) across America 21
Across America - 70 years ago 5



I'm Léo - or Leo if you don't have dinky accents on your keyboard - and I live about halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse in south-west France.

I have six bicycles and one wife. Steph and I are both French and British and we've been cycle-touring for yonks: more than 30 years for Steph and nearly 60 for me. Steph has ridden on all the ice-free continents but I haven't yet ridden in Australia (although I know it's there for future reference).

I hope you get as much fun out of these journals as we did out of the riding. If I can help, advise, discourage, and above all if you wish to send money, please get in touch.

happy days