Vietnamania - CycleBlaze


A tale of the unexpected in a country we hadn't intended to visit

By Leo Woodland
1,683 km (1,045 miles) over 52 days between Nov. 16, 2016 and Jan. 6, 2017
Well, fancy that... heart 1
Seeing an elephant and being told it's a rabbit heart 1
Swarming with the fish: Saigon to Dan Tieng heart 1
Make peace sign, make peace sign!: Dan Tieng to An Loc heart 1
Over the border: An Loc to Snoul (Cambodia) heart 1
The glories of liquid sugar: Snoul towards Senmonorom heart 1
The day of great suffering: To Senmonorom heart 1
Does your country have elephants? heart 1
How to catch a train heart 0
Elephants know your darkest secrets heart 1
Calamity Steph heart 1
English as she is spoke: Quy Nhon heart 1
The shame of being French: Hanoi heart 1
On the road again!: Ninh Binh heart 1
Lost: Ninh Binh to Nga Son heart 5
Crossing the water: Nga Son to Sam Son heart 1
No, no that way: Sam Son to Hailam heart 1
The Vietnam war breaks out: Hailam to Dien Chau heart 1
At last: a cyclist!: Dien Chau to Vinh heart 0
Necessarily dull: Vinh to Ha Tinh heart 1
Flying the yellow and white: Ha Tinh to Tan Ap heart 1
Give me money: Tan Ap to Badon heart 1
We're from Straya: Badon to Vinh Linh heart 1
Coming back through the window: Vinh Linh to Dong Ho heart 1
How old are you?: Dong Ho to Hue heart 1
Of emperors and palaces: Hue heart 1
Over the top, grumbling: Hue to Lang Co heart 1
Hi, Hai Van: Lang Co to Danang heart 1
Suffering Scotsman: To Dalat heart 1
Vietnam from the inside: Dalat to Dai Ninh heart 1
Blue-eyed brother: Dai Ninh to Luong Son heart 1
Military trespass: Luong Son to Binh Sum heart 1
Chance encounters: Binh Sum to Ho Coc heart 1
The Master Plan: Ho Coc to Vung Tau heart 1
Never what you hope: Vung Tau to Saigon heart 1
Conclusions heart 1