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Jimmy Carter thinks I'm a sinner

Well, there was this girl, you see...

By Leo Woodland
66 days between Apr. 1, 2007 and Jun. 5, 2007
The world according to Terry heart 2
Confessions of a trainspotter heart 2
I, Stumpy Crankstamper heart 2
Bum news about fanny packs heart 2
The Jam Lady and the Long-Distance Cyclist heart 3
French pride and humble muscle power heart 4
Meeting Monsieur Richard heart 2
Mustard town heart 2
Doing the Doubs heart 3
Strings attached (Steph) heart 3
The Danube at last heart 3
Sprikkkenzee, er, Inglisch? heart 4
Touring Lite heart 2
Heading north by east heart 2
Summertime and the living is easy . . . (Steph): Musings on life along the Swiss / German Rhine, and a bit beyond heart 3
Do you think... heart 1
Fancy that... heart 1
Critical mass heart 2
Rock on, Werner heart 1
Poor Luc heart 2
Spies at dawn heart 2
Lines of sadness heart 2
Vienna looms heart 2
...and now it's arrived heart 2
Katherina the Great heart 4
Over the border, down Hungary way heart 3
Suurte puuviljatujatukkidega! heart 3
The great divide heart 3
Michael's tale heart 1
Captain Grumpy rides again heart 1
Trabantastic heart 2
Farewell, Hungary heart 1
Zips, Velcro and the roar of burning gas (Steph): La routine, quoi! heart 3
Locomotion (Steph) heart 2
Of nuns and helpful habits heart 0
Concrete canyons heart 1
Hellfire in Transylvania heart 1
Amo, amas, amat heart 6
Trains of thought heart 3
Splashing out heart 1
Lazarus walks heart 2
Trouble over bridged waters heart 4
Visiting Dracula heart 2
Some guys have all the (bad) luck heart 2
Back in the olden days heart 3
Pax Romana heart 2
Heartbreak, pure heartbreak heart 3