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May 31, 2007

Lazarus walks

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We are in Brasov, where it is raining. That is not unusual; in Romania it rains every day. We have had only one day here when it hasn't rained.

Anyway, all is well after a four-day stop in Sebes, one a scheduled rest and the other three a sickness halt. After the monstrous ride over the mountains, Steph found next day that she wasn't ravenously hungry. Not to be hungry after a day like that isn't normal. The reason became clear when she fell ill with stomach pains and vomiting.

A doctor flew angel-like to her bedside and, for want of a better diagnosis, blamed the local water. Blaming the water is, in my experience, a complaint common to all cultures. A phrase you never hear is: 'Boy, the tap water round here tastes so great that I can never resist a second glass of it.'

We have drunk nothing other than what the locals drink, which in many areas is from high-pressure hydrants or spigots along the road or, once or twice, from wells. The wells could be dubious but they were too far back to have been the cause. The water from mountain streams was too clear and too recent.

We don't know what it is but we did notice that our bottles weren't the epitome of cleanliness. Hardly dirty enough to start a second Black Death but we rinsed them in boiling water and that has made us feel better in our conscience even if we already felt better in our stomachs.

Life is good again. Apart from the rain.

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