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Say hi to the elephants, and hope the weather improves

An expedition to find Noah's Ark

By Leo Woodland
119 days between Jun. 13, 2012 and Oct. 9, 2012
Where are we now? Ou sommes-nous actuellement? heart 2
Cockroaches... lane 32, please heart 5
Ladies and gentlemen, we shall be landing soon heart 4
Say hi to the elephants, and hope the weather improves heart 3
First signs of scarlet fever heart 2


Noah, further mysteries, and shrugging of the shoulders and not caring: Home to Monpazier (Dordogne) heart 6
The tale of the hopeful nudists: Monpazier - Labastide-Murat (Lot) heart 6
As lazy as we care to be: La Bastide Murat - Lacapelle-Marival heart 4
Some days are simply perfect: Lacapelle Marival - Jussau heart 9
Bon courage, les amis! Bon courage!: Jussac - Riom-es-Montagnes heart 13
Gee, this is so cool!: Riom-es-Montagnes - St Saturnin, Puy-de-Dome heart 8
Meeting Kafka and sleeping wild: St-Saturnin - St Dier d'Auvergne heart 3
Another day, yet another col: St-Dier - Chalmazel heart 7
Alors, vous etes un melting-pot!: Chalmazel - Violay heart 3
The near-dead meet the real dead: Violay - Poncin heart 5


The rabbits are largely harmless: Poncin - Geneva (Switzerland) heart 5
Geneva, without walls heart 5
Ah, the wall is simply different...: Geneva - Lausanne heart 4
I take it all back...: Lausanne - Saillon heart 5
"Salut, mec, comment vas-tu?": Saillon - Gampel heart 4
Hills that go on all day: Gampel - Gletsch heart 3
Visiting Switzerland's lighthouse: Gletsch - Disentis-Muster heart 8
Of Kiwis and men with hairy legs: Disentis-Muster - Tiefencastel heart 5


Taking to the rails: Tiefencastel - Tirano (Italy) heart 4
Meeting Mike the Bike: Tirano - Valdisotto heart 4
Up, up and endlessly up: Valdisotto - Prata del Stelvio, via the Stelvio pass heart 8
A tunnel of rain and a land of apples: Prato del Stelvio - Terrano heart 4
Back into Italian Italy: Terrano - Martarello heart 2
Greeting Garda: Martarello - Lazise heart 4
Shaking off Shakespeare: Lazise - Vicenza heart 5
Roads flooded: please advise: Ravenna - Venice heart 3
Bobbing about in boats: Venice heart 1
Today I shall eat my words: Mestre - Bosco Mesola heart 2
Al fresco in Ravenna: Bosco Mesola - Ravenna heart 4


Entering the Serene Republic: Ravenna - Rimini heart 6


Farewell (almost) to Italy: Rimini - Ancona heart 2


I name this town...: Split, Croatia heart 4
This island life: Stari Grad - Vrboska heart 2
The puzzle of the dry stone walls: Vrboska - Sucaraj heart 5
An encounter with a shattered American: Sucaraj - Vira heart 3
Venice without the crowds: Vira - Stari Grad heart 3
Joining the travellin' people: Stari Grad - Dubrovnik heart 2
On your left, still more shrapnel scars: Dubrovnik heart 5


A day at the seaside: Dubrovnik - Lovcen (Montenegro) heart 2
Up and up the hairpins: Lovcen - Resna heart 2
Drinking coffee and playing cowboys: Resna - Rubezi heart 4
Heading for the canyon: Rubezi - Zabljak heart 8
Now, what are the chances of that?: Zabljak - Matasero heart 3
Great Danes: Matasero - Plav heart 3


A journey in hell, part 1: Plav - Mreg (Albania) heart 9
A journey in hell, part 2: Mreg - Hani Hotit (Montenegro) heart 5


Return to life: Hani Hotit - Virapazar heart 3


Oh what a beautiful morning...: Virpazar - Barbullush (Albania) heart 4
Preparing for war: Barbullush - Tirana heart 2
A sad tale of George W. Bush: Tirana heart 2
Travelling hopefully... without a map: Tirana - Librazhd heart 2
Freedom, freedom at last: Librazhd - Ljubanista (Macedonia) heart 2


The less than jovial Jovica: Ljubanista heart 2
Back on the road again: Ljubanista - Bitola heart 2


The fall of Leo the Lamentable: Bitola - Vevi (Greece) heart 2
Holing up for the duration: Vevi - Florina heart 2
Signs of recession: Florina heart 2
The Wizards of Ooze ride again: Florina - Gianitsa heart 4
All quiet on the eastern front: Gianista - Kilkis heart 2
What chumps, a small boy thinks: Kiklis - Serres heart 2


On a road of stunning beauty: Serres - Sadovo (Bulgaria) heart 3
Swiss Miss: Sadovo - Dospat heart 3
Devil's Throat, the inside story: Dospat - Tesel heart 5
Attack of the black widow: Tesel - Smoljan heart 3
Joyful moments at dawn: Zinsifovo - Svilengrad heart 2


One morning, three countries: Svilengrad - Edirne (Turkey) heart 3
Astonished by Turks: Edirne - Umurci heart 3
Conversations among the deaf: Umurci - Sarkoy heart 2
Alarming the Turkish army: Sarkoy - Eceabat heart 3
Things explained: Eceabat heart 2
More things explained: Eceabat - the road to Can heart 1
Disturbing the dead: Road to Can - Biga heart 1
A shoulder to cry on: Biga - Edinek heart 3
Water, water everywhere...: Edinek - Bandirma heart 2
Istanbul! heart 3
Istanbul and the woman in black heart 3
Gunfire in the gloaming: Istanbul - Dagyenice heart 4
Lost at sea: Dagyenice - Karacicoy heart 2
Love on the highway: Karacicoy - Vize heart 2
Big Brother is watching: Vize - Edirne heart 2


I make a soldier smile: Edirne - Svilengrad (Bulgaria) heart 2
Delivering dust to Radnovo: Svilengrad - Radnovo heart 2
Another fine mess...: Radno - Cirpan heart 2
Sofia, the capital: Cirpan - Sofia heart 3
Finding the bike man: Sofia heart 2
Hobble-dee, hobble-dee, and...: Sofia - Ginci heart 2
Dawns the morning cold and damp: Ginci - Brusarci heart 4
Please feel free to make new friends in the lavatory: Brusarci - Calafat (Romania) heart 2


Flying the three colours: Calafat - Drobeta-Turnu-Severin heart 5
Bine aţi venit!: Severin - Svinita heart 2
Welcome to Serbia, my cyclist friend: Svinita - Bela Crkva (Serbia) heart 3


Eroticism a-gogo: Bel Crikva - Secarij heart 3
Meeting Gordan: Secarij - Novi Knevejac heart 2


Crossing the border by a broken fence: Novi Knevejac - Szeged (Hungary) heart 3
If in doubt, don't smile: Szeged - Kecel heart 3
Heading for Eurovelo 6: Kecel - Domsod heart 2
Making it to Budapest: Domsod - Budapest heart 3
The day of the bananas: Budapest heart 3
Cyclists, cyclists everywhere: Budapest - Esztergom heart 2
Breaking the law: Esztergom - Gyor heart 3


Riding backwards into Slovakia: Gyor - Eckartsau (Austria) heart 2
The night of the river monster: Eckertsau - Tulln heart 2
Autumn is here: Tulln - Melk heart 2
"They knocked me off my bike": Melk - Mathausen heart 4
Brute force uber alles: Mathausen - Passau (Germany) heart 2


Wobbling with the beery people: Passau-Munich heart 3
Memories, memories... heart 13