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All this way to see a naked woman

A teenage dream finally realised (without Terry's help)

By Leo Woodland
6,043 km (3,753 miles) over 94 days between Jun. 12, 2015 and Sep. 13, 2015
Not daring to talk of naked women heart 5
The plan heart 3


Moncabrier, France: Worrying the Dutch heart 3
La Douze, France: heart 1
La Coquille, France: The happy toilet cleaner heart 1
Somewhere in a field, France: Sex by the compost heap heart 4
Luzeret, France: Some men prefer cuddly women heart 1
Vatan, France: The foolishness of rising too soon heart 2
Orleans, France: The tale of the French punk heart 4
Oursel-Maison, France: Trouble with trains heart 2
In a haystack, France: Sleeping in the hay heart 2
Dover, England: Happy in the rain heart 2


Lenham, England: Change of country heart 3
Bletchley, England: Like a smoker in a fireworks factory heart 3
Bletchley, England: The code-breaking mansion heart 3
Stow-on-the-Wold, England: Flying Spitfires heart 1
Ledbury, England: Drowned rats heart 1
Clifford, England: Land of hope and glory heart 3
Llangurig, Wales: Making Hay while the sun shines heart 1
Mallwydd, Wales: And the animals went in two by two heart 5
Llangollen, Wales: Brushing with the Eisteddfod heart 3
Llangollen, Wales: Of boats and parades heart 1
Chester, England: The fighter in the hedge heart 1
Gargrave, England: The cow that swam a canal heart 2
Leyburn, England: Oh happy (if exhausting) day! heart 2
Pity Me, England: Undermined by miners heart 1
Newbiggin, England: For those in peril on the sea - and below ground heart 2
Fenwick, England: Into every life a little rain must fall heart 3
Dunbar, Scotland: The magic of Lindisfarne heart 3
Edinburgh, Scotland: Memories of the past heart 2
Edinburgh, Scotland: A day at the Falkirk Wheel heart 2
Dunkeld, Scotland: Rain, rain... heart 3
Newtonmoor, Scotland: Into the wilds heart 3
Inverness, Scotland: Refighting Culloden heart 2
Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland: Another ambition achieved heart 1
Bonar Bridge, Scotland: Testing the law heart 3
Bettyhill, Scotland: Holy spirits heart 4
Stromness, Scotland: Tussling with tatties heart 2
Kirkwall, Scotland: Ancient stones heart 2
John o'Groats, Scotland: PoW Wow! heart 7
Wick, Scotland: A life of contentment heart 4
Wick, Scotland: The pub with no beer heart 1


Nieuwport, Belgium: Morning glory heart 1


Sluis, Holland: Brake block drama heart 3
Ossendrecht, Holland: Dawn patrol heart 5
Ravenswaaij, Holland: Mr Sunshine on my shoulder heart 5
Varssel, Holland: A bridge too far heart 1
Moscou, Holland: Happiness in the rain heart 3
Moscou, Holland: The tears of a clown heart 2
Valthermond, Holland: Rest day blues heart 4


Hatten-Munderloh, Germany: The day of the maglev heart 2
Bremen, Germany: An unlikely tale of animals heart 3
Hamburg, Germany: The train takes the strain heart 9
Gross Nord See, Germany: Hills, hills! heart 4
Flensburg, Germany: Meeting Lou heart 2


Vollerup, Denmark: The shrinking land of the Danes heart 4
Volderup, Denmark: We shall drink beer heart 2
Nakskov, Denmark: Pretty place, Denmark heart 2
Someone's field, Denmark: Trailing mystery behind me heart 2
Ledoje, Denmark: Tomorrow, tomorrow! heart 0
Copenhagen, Denmark: I meet the mermaid - and a Norwegian heart 8


Borstahausen, Sweden: Mr Grumpy rides again heart 2
Skurup, Sweden: The good and unrainworthy road heart 1
Ystad, Sweden: The joys of the smaller road heart 0


Dzinow, Poland: Say after me: Świnoujście heart 2
Gaski, Poland: Of runways and nuclear battlegrounds heart 1
Gaski, Poland: Meeting the old salt of the sea heart 1
Slupsk, Poland: Hard road, hard wind heart 1
Wierzchicino, Poland: The case for shooting teenagers heart 1
Gdansk, Poland: Unpaved with good intentions heart 1
Gdansk, Poland: Instant love affair heart 1
Malbork, Poland: A castle and a massacre heart 1
Klaniny, Poland: Change of mind heart 1
Torun, Poland: Watching the world go by heart 1
Warsaw, Poland: Down on the tracks heart 0
Tomczyce, Poland: Finding the Marie Celeste heart 1
Sarbice, Poland: A Belgian saves the day heart 1
Krakow, Poland: The joy of the unopened road heart 1
Auschwitz: The pictures tell the tale heart 1
Kety, Poland: Rain again heart 1

Czech Republic

Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic: "Welcome, we have many anguish" heart 1
Hranice, Czech Republic: Freudian discoveries heart 1
Oromouc, Czech Republic: Into the lowlands heart 1
Moravska Třebova, Czech Republic: Oh happy day! heart 1
Luze, Czech Republic: Down in the dumps heart 1
Pardubice, Czech Republic: Happy again heart 1
Prague, Czech Republic: Meeting Korea's head of nuclear safety heart 2
Prague, Czech Republic: Glory through sadness heart 1


France: All that way to see a naked woman heart 10