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June 16, 2014

Pueblo to Canon City

A PRETTY rotten day, to be honest. The morning was filled by Pueblo's bike shop, which is full of pleasant people who work yawningly slowly. That gave us time to ask advice on the route out of town, the verdict being that we could take a longer, quieter and hillier road or the wide shoulder of a main highway that would cut half a day off our journey but risked being a penance.

Well, the man spake the truth. It was both shorter and a penance. We left Pueblo the way everybody else decided to leave, the afternoon heat already broiling, and then fought a powerful headwind on the shoulder of the main highway to San Francisco. There was nothing to relieve either the tedium or the blast. The road rose and fell and the gale on every hummock reduced us to wobbling speed.

It involved hitching a lift. But we got there.

Pueblo: every conceivable modern advantage
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Today's ride: 32 km (20 miles)
Total: 3,662 km (2,274 miles)

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