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May 7, 2014


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SAY what you like about Pennsylvania, which I have been dodging in and out of, but one thing is undeniable: it has more than fulfilled its duty to make Americans fat. It is the national leader in pretzels and potato chips.

Pennsylvania was where the Sturgis Pretzel House introduced the pretzel to America. Two of three biggest companies in the potato chip industry are in Pennsylvania. Hershey and Mars and more make chocolate in Pennsylvania. Henry Heinz perfected (if that's the best word) tomato ketchup in Pennsylvania.

It's also fond of its drink, Pennsylvania. They had a rebellion here back in 1794 when Washington put a tax on whisky. The Boston Tea Party was nothing compared to what followed. It took 13 000 militiamen to calm things down. They caught hardly anyone and Washington ended up pardoning the two men convicted of treason because one was insane and the other a simpleton.

Which all goes to show what drinking whisky will do.

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