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France and the Low Countries

A journey on folding bikes and trains

By Janice Branham & Barry Branham
669 km (415 miles) over 31 days between Sep. 16, 2022 and Oct. 16, 2022

Hello there

Trying a new bike touring mode heart 16
How we got to Cycle Blaze heart 11

The Low Countries

Welcome to Amsterdam heart 21
Rainy day on foot in Amsterdam heart 38
Amsterdam by bike and boat heart 39
Amsterdam to Leiden and Delft heart 50
In Delft heart 25
Delft to Rotterdam and Bruges heart 36
In Bruges heart 30

Ah, Paris

Arrival in Paris heart 22
Paris Wonders heart 23
Giverny by train heart 25
Bike like a Parisian heart 55
Ride to Versailles heart 34
One more bite of Paris heart 29

The Loire Valley

Paris to the Loire Valley heart 30
Huisseau-sur-Cosson to Amboise heart 34
In Amboise heart 42
Day trip to Château de Chenonceau heart 68
Amboise to Tours heart 29
Tours to Sarlat heart 36

The Dordogne

Sarlat on foot heart 63
Time shifting heart 19
On the Dordogne River heart 130
To Bordeaux heart 50


To Arles heart 44
In Arles heart 63
The Pont du Gard heart 70
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence heart 26
Avignon heart 35
Côtes du Rhône Village Ride heart 47
Back to Paris heart 24
Takeaways heart 14