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March 19, 2022

Why don't you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini?

Tallahassee dance day

Rain, rain and more rain - that's about all to say about our day. Although there were strong enough wind gusts that we took our big awning down, at least there weren't any tornadoes in Tally (that's what the locals seem to call Tallahassee - at least it's a shorter word!). A nearby camper parked underneath some oak trees had a branch blow down and rip off their awning. Yikes!

I'm kind of getting tired of this weather after we had dry sunny days in the Keys and Naples. The humidity is so high in the trailer that even wet dish towels don't dry overnight. Guess, it's typical for the spring. 

By late morning, the rain had moved on and we had a few dry hours around mid-day. I was feeling cooped up, so talked Don into going to a couple of thrift stores and checking out a local seafood market. I thought we might try grilling our own grouper or octopus, but after looking at the prices, I think we'll just go the restaurant route. We don't want to screw up something we've never cooked before as it would be an expensive experiment. 

The rain came back again in the evening but by then it didn't matter as we were heading over to our dance du jour - a USA dance being held at the Tally senior center. This facility is in the former armory building and had a very large wood floor. 

With the poor weather, not many people showed up so we had lots of room and had a nice evening. The news station said sun tomorrow!

I've noticed lots of these pretty purple wildflowers growing next to the roads.
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Bill ShaneyfeltLooks like lyreleaf sage.

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1 month ago
marilyn swettThanks - the flowers were very pretty.
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1 month ago
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