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January 2, 2022

On the road again

Heading south

Well, it sure has been a whirlwind of activity here in Denver! 

We arrived home a few weeks ago and spent the following day emptying the trailer of all of the food, dirty clothes, and anything liquid that could freeze. The next morning we took Tango over to our dealer to have her delicate plumbing winterized. 

They were also supposed to repair a number of items that were covered under the warranty - like a broken frig door, crack in our shower wall and the back hatch door that was falling apart. Several of these issues had been documented shortly after we had picked up the trailer in July. In addition, Don was having them install special switches on our air conditioners. 

The trailer was left for a week and when we picked it up, we discovered that they had only done 2 things! Of course, they were the items that we were paying them to do!! None of the warranty work had been completed and the excuses given ranged from - oh, I didn't see that on the list to, it seemed fine when we checked it to, we're waiting for warranty approval from Airstream. Yah dah, yah dah, yah dah.

Needless to say we weren't happy. Between this experience and the fact that we also had to deal with their unreturned phone calls and poor customer service, we doubt we'll ever have service done at this place again!!! I was so pissed off that I had to go sit in the truck. 

But we couldn't leave it there waiting for work to be done as we had another appointment. This one was at a business that will be installing an additional cabinet with counter top in place of one section of our long couch. 

At least we had been having good communications with this group and were very impressed when they showed us around their shop. The cabinet is already constructed so it will only take about a week for the installation. 

While we waited to get the trailer back to us, we've kept very busy doing a little dancing, visiting the dentist, ordering things we needed from Amazon and repacking bags of things that will go with us. A couple of weeks ago, we'd decided to bump up the start of our late winter/spring trip to Florida from the middle of January to right after the first. So we had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time! 

Our plans now are to spend 4 weeks in Phoenix and Tucson, then make the long trek east to Florida. We'll be in that state through February and March before moving back to Louisiana and Texas for the spring. 

After that, who knows where we'll go?! We don't plan to be home until September so this will be quite a long trip. But we wanted to be away from potential wildfire smoke in Denver over the summer. The past couple of years have been so bad that we couldn't do any biking because of the poor air quality. So no mountains this year, except what we find back East. 

Looking for palm trees and warmer weather!
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