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December 28, 2021

Mother Nature strikes again!

Gettin' out of Dodge while the gettin' is good

Just when you think you've made plans, life has a way of doing it's own thing! 

We'd been closely watching the forecast as it's gotten closer to our leave date and it had looked good - up until yesterday. That's when we discovered that it had changed from dry to 1-5 inches of snow predicted for NYE night into Saturday. 

Now we weren't going to leave until Sunday, but had planned to do our final loading on Saturday. Don didn't really want to tow the trailer to our home, park it on a street that might not be plowed and then load in slushy, icy conditions. Plus, we also were concerned about road conditions on 2  small passes that we would be driving over on the way south to Phoenix. 

So.........we made the abrupt decision to leave TOMORROW!!!! Yikes! That's a lot of stuff to do in less than a couple of days. Good thing I have lots of lists.

Fortunately we were able to pick up the trailer from the remodel place yesterday and found a spot on the street in our community to park it as we get ready to leave. 

Now the plan is to leave super early Wednesday morning and drive as far into Arizona that we can get which will make for a really long day on the road. We'll spend the night somewhere then continue into Phoenix the next day. 

As a result of leaving early, we are missing our NYE dances here at home but we've been able to secure tickets to 2 dances in the Phoenix area. I'm packing my long gown and Don is bringing his tux so we can glam it up down there:) 

I'll update things once we get settled somewhere. We're both looking forward to sunny Arizona!

This is the cabinet we had installed in Tango. It replaces one cushion on our long couch, and gives us more storage and counter top space.
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Another view. While the cabinet matches our existing ones, the design put it too high to make it useful for a prep surface. You also can't put anything on top when watching TV. They weren't supposed to cut the existing cushions to make it fit and they did a couple of other items that we didn't like. So....after our meeting yesterday, the plan will be to bring it back to them when we get home from this trip. They want to make us 100% happy and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that! Amazing that there are still companies out there that believe in customer service.
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Scott AndersonGood plan to leave now, and a good model for life these days - do it when you can.
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