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March 20, 2022

Tally ho!

Tallahassee bike day

I was happy to see clear skies and a bright full moon when I looked out this morning! The mockingbirds were singing away and the cardinals added in their "pretty, pretty, pretty" call. It looked like a good day for a ride. 

But it was a little chilly at first so we went ahead and did our laundry. It's so nice to have a campground that has it's own laundry room on site. Going to a public laundry isn't very fun these days.

The temperature continued to rise and by early afternoon, we headed out on Garfield, ready to explore another part of the city. Don had spent time earlier lubing and cleaning the rust off of our chains. Between the recent rain and high humidity, anything on the bikes that was metal rusts quickly. I even had rust on my pedals!

We left our campground and rode along Highway 90 for a couple of miles, looking for a side road that we needed to take. Well, I don't know if we both missed the signs or that the street had a different name than the one that on Google maps but we missed it. 

That put us in the big Costco/Bass Pro/Walmart shopping center. We went through that and exited out the other side looking for another street. But we couldn't find THAT one either. All we did was circle back to the street in front of the shopping center.

I voted for returning to Highway 90 and taking it down to the street we needed since I knew where it was, but Don said we should go the opposite direction as he thought he knew the way. HAH! Don't think so! 

We ended up circling through a residential neighborhood which while a pleasant ride, just brought us back to the street we had started on. This time we did keep going down to 90 and taking it down to Weems Rd which was our next turn. Sheesh - men!

Weems took us to a nice paved bike trail that brought us into Tom Brown park. What a nice park! It was large, had a lake, dog park and lots of picnic areas plus a bathroom. 

After a quick break, we continued further on the trail until it ended at our next turn. By now, we were on the correct mapped route, although I had no idea what direction we were going. With no mountains to guide us and all of these tall trees, you can't tell if you're going north, south, east or west.

After a few more miles, we got onto Old Saint Augustine Rd. which was another beautiful canopy road. Traffic was light and it was a pretty ride through the woods. There were occasional homes - from modest ones to more palatial country estates. And lots and lots of those hills to work our legs!

We rode quite a few miles on the canopy road before it ended. Another turn took us into the Chaires Community where I talked Don into checking out a historic church - it was ONLY a block detour. Sheesh - the man gets on the bike and it's "advance, advance, advance" with no picture breaks or side trips! 

The church break was interesting but short. It was a United Methodist Church - 1862 according to the sign.

Continuing on Chaires Rd., traffic was a little busier. There wasn't a shoulder but most everyone was patient and didn't pass us until it was clear. 

A few more miles took us into a pleasant neighborhood filled with nice yards and custom homes. But eventually our quiet street dumped us out onto busy Highway 90 near our campground and we were soon home. 

As we climbed up one last hill, as I looked behind us, I could see what appeared to be 2 touring cyclists, their bikes loaded with panniers. I was hoping they would catch up to us so we could visit, but they turned off at the grocery store. Bummer, they were the first ones we've seen here which is surprising since Tally is on the Southern Tier route. 

It had been a good ride but I told Don I was ready to do a flatter one on the rail trail next time! 

Along Highway 90 the center island was planted with these trees. We think they are Crepe Myrtles - a pretty summer flowering tree in the South.
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Garfield takes a rest from the hills in Tom Brown park.
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Oops - don't think we're going that way Don!
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Our first boiled peanut stand - another Southern food. We've tried them but they're not to our taste.
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This is the United Methodist Church located in the historic Chaires Community. The church was organized in 1862 and this simple sanctuary constructed in 1892. The community (unincorporated now) was established in the 1820's during Florida's Territorial Period (1821-1845). It was named after Green Hill Chaires who, along with his brothers, came from Georgia and established vast plantations in this county.
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Today's ride: 27 miles (43 km)
Total: 390 miles (628 km)

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